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15 February 2017

Top 10 Effective Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Speed on Windows

  • Slow Wi-Fi connectivity can hamper your work quality significantly. It requires some basic changes to improve Wi-Fi speed. Let’s discuss ways to improve Wi-Fi speed on Windows system.

It requires more than some basic tweaks using your Wi-Fi device then indulging into some serious troubleshoot to receive better Wi-Fi connectivity. Let’s discuss ways to boost your Wi-Fi speed on Windows system. 

1. Update Router’s Firmware: Take it as a primary step to speed up your Wi-Fi performance. Most router manufacturers keep on tweaking software to fix certain issues and to improve its performance. Updating router’s firmware may vary according to device manufacturer and model. In recent router devices, the update process is included in the administration interface of the settings. Thus updating these router’s firmware is a click away. For other routers, you can visit manufacturer’s website for latest updates.
Source: setuprouter

17 June 2013

Does Your Favorite ISP Really Gives You Maximum UP To Mbps Data Rate?

Are you really paying for a certain maximum Mbps rate with your ISP? Do you feel and experience frustration that your Internet connection is very quite slow compared to ISP's advertised 'Up to Mbps' ? Did you really think you could really get exactly what ISP does advertise? Well, these are the most common questions that a consumer (like us) might wondered and often asked concerning about a slow and expensive internet connection. Right now, i will give some insights on why our internet connection speed is really slow.