31 August 2013

Invest More With System Mechanic Tool [Review]

Have you experienced slow performance with your computer? Of course, you did! We normally faced the fact that we are in the same situation – frustrating slow PCs. Moreover, do you know that eventually our PC will be filled with useless files? No, I am not joking! In fact, as I wrote this, I have been annoyed the slow PC performance and internet connection. 

Well, I just to deal with it.

In my previous review with PC utility FREE tool – CCLEANER. I did mentioned that it is really the best FREE tool to clean up mess and boost speed & performance. However, here is a catch, CCLearner still has few lack of features compared to this tool that I will be reviewing a premium now. For quick and first use, this software really improved my PCs speed, power, performance, and stability.

Is it really worth to invest with this tool?

8th Google Adsense + 4th Clixsense Payout

As of the second quarter of this year 2013, my blogs are bit performing well. With sweat and effort to create posts, I shouldn't come up with this good results. Also, I learn a lot about styles and few techniques in writing, blogging, online marketing, and researching. Not to mention, it paid me with small amount for hardwork and patience.

Thus, with these fruits of hard work and effort, I, thankfully, got another blessings. Truly and definitely, pay me!

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30 August 2013

Easier Job Search With Globe Telecom + Jobstreet.com

Having a hard time looking for a job? With the emerge of fast innovation, Jobs are quite easier to find now because it people could easily access it online. However, it is important to note that there are lots of fraud and fake websites exist too. Thus, when choosing a service to look for a quality work please take extra careful.

29 August 2013

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Digital Camera: Hands On [Review]

Captured moments with photos are indeed an unusual and beautiful experience. But, these moments are eventually be faded and be forgotten as years gone by. Thus, we need to capture a single piece of evidence created by a camera or a photo. This is a necessary backup of such beautiful moments. 

Also, we should take note that smartphones or cellphones upgrade to somewhat more alike with full-packed & featured Cameras.

One of these gadgets is this Samsung Camera, Is it a camera or a phone? I am still doubtful if it is really a camera that has a phone featured or phone that has a full-featured camera. With the fast breath-taking pace technology, these gadgets tend to become better and full of feature.

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But more likely nowadays #selfie pictorials?

28 August 2013

27 August 2013

Work in Abroad with Workabroad.ph [Review]

Well, I'm pretty damn tired about reviewing scam websites. Lately, I was being threatened with few individuals because I made a reviewed post that concerned about their page/website. But, it is now settled anyway. For this time, I would add this site in my white lists of reviewed service/website.

Do you like to work in abroad? Where to apply  work in abroad online? Is it real and legitimate? Is it really gives a job? Quite few questions surely an applicants would ask. I will answer it.

26 August 2013

Thepaidtask Review: Is it a Scam, Fraud, & Fake? Or Real?

Looking for a job position that will earn you $1200 after joining? Well, no experience required! Excited? Of course, no one could even happier with this great news! However, let me cut off that excitement. Again, let us be skeptical about this kind of websites – I shall call it SCAM, FRAUD, and FAKE website. How it feels? No! Don't be so angry with me for I am only telling you the truth.

25 August 2013

Epub Reader: Adobe Digital Editions

Do you still use real books to read? We can't argue and it is no doubt that eBooks have become more trending for past few years already. Reason? This is probably due the fact that more users are using smartphones and tablets. Is it a goodbye for real books and say hello to paperless books?

Rapper Eminem Left Nearly Dead After Being Stabbed 4 Times[Scam]

Just recently, I got struck and shocked with one of the posts shared by my Facebook Friends. The rumor claimed that the famous Rapper Eminem left nearly as dead with stabbing four times in NYC. Did Eminem got stabbed four(4) times? Is it really true?

The good news is: It is not true. These site owners merely want more visitors with their scam website.

24 August 2013

Instagram Buys Luma - Video Capture and Sharing Service

Instagram acquires both team and technology of startup Luma(formerly known as Midnox) owns by Y Combinator company. In a blog with http://luma.io/, the Luma team said that they will be joining the talented team at Instagram.

As noticed on the website, this video capture and sharing service will be shut down on December 31, 2013. It is advised that those millions of people use Luma, shall backup their videos.

23 August 2013

HOW TO: Extract Portion of Image Using Pen Tool In Adobe Photoshop

Hey wazzup! There is something quite crazy yet amazing that pops up my mind today, and after that, I did crazy things. I know its kinda bit boring but I pretty happy with it. To start with, I noticed that more people change their Facebook profile with their business name/logo on it.

22 August 2013

Google Doodle Celebrates 151st Birthday Anniversary of Claude Debussy

Excitingly for today's Google Doodle, August 22 2013, Google's homepage featurees the celebration of a French composer with his 151st birthday anniversary. What I really like with Google is for they continues to give trivia to a person or event in their homepage. Again, I did not kow this French composer nor I never heard his name. Who is this French Composer?

21 August 2013

Invitation to Globe Prepaid's Latest Technology - August 23, 2013

Well, this is not the first time that a certain company invites me to join an event. To mention one, I was invited to in a GALAPAD launching last month but since I am situated in the south portion of the country. I failed to join with the event. Perhaps, if ever I lived in the Manila, I really could come in the events.

For now, I leave as it is – continue to blog. ;)

Is PLDT The Root Problem on Slow Internet Connectivity?

The slow connection with ISP isn't a new issue. Poor service and slow connectivity have been there for years already. The sad part is that Philippines still way behind from other neighboring countries.Why other countries have a better, faster, & cheaper Internet connection compared to the Philippines? Are there factors consist that makes it more expensive and slower connection?

20 August 2013

18 August 2013

The Internship - American Comedy Movie [Review]

The Internship is an American comedy film starred by Vince Vaughn(actually the one of the writers wrote the film together with Jared Stern, and was a producer of the said movie), and Owen Wilson.

I did not see its movie trailer. What I did notice is its type of film and it is a comedy genre. I just watched it – on-the-spot – and  I find it really quite interesting. The film did not really make me laughed but honestly, I loved what it wants to convey to the viewers.

I did research with the movie, and I learned something that struck my attention. Vince and Owen also partnered and starred with the movie The Wedding Crashers. Though, I did not watch the box-office The Wedding Crashers, I want to put my impression about the film.

CCleaner: Best and FREE Cleaning Tool [Review]

Did you know that in due time, your computer will be filled with useless, unused, temporary, and redundant files? Erasing these files manually are quite difficult to achieve. Moreover, your HDD becomes low disk space and tends to display slow performance.

I know it is really obvious that you have noticed and experienced great slowdown with your Desktop / Laptop / Netbook. One of the reasons why it became slower is because of the cluttered files filled in the disk

So, how to improve performance? How to remove cluttered files? This post is quite useful for you.

17 August 2013

HOW TO: Protect Your Data From Hackers

You won't believe it. Cyber Thieves or Hackers have gotten more quite numbers of dollars than those-not-virtually thieves. It is estimated for over billion dollars alone in year 2012. We can't deny the fact the online is very emerging pace of individual lives. We buy, sell, and transact online. And it makes an ICE CREAM COATING with the hackers.

It is important to note that it is not only hackers that made you exposed your sensitive information but also with your user intervention.

15 August 2013

14 August 2013

[Solved] HOW TO: Restore Hidden Folder / Files Using CMD?

To show and restore your hidden files or folders in your USB Drive/PenDrive, you need to use an easy way - by using the only built-in tool - CMD or command prompt.

Today, there are lots of viruses and worms that affect many computers globally.Mostly virus and worm are annoying especially when the worm/virus hides folders, and sometimes it creates a copy an executable file with the same folder name which tends to click it without knowing it is already a virus. Phew!

BlackBerry Q10 Deal with Globe Telecom Postpaid Deal

In the hint of surprising reports, BlackBerry might be going to private or it needs a buyer. The news strucked the technology world, unfortunate, as the reports stated, at least for now, none big companies have given a single interest in buying BlackBerry. In other news, Globe Telecom is really doing great business with the BlackBerry. 

13 August 2013

HOW TO: Clear Cookies in a Browser

Cookies are delicious and delightful baked treat. But in computer technology term, a cookie is a tiny piece of data to store user information while it browses an individual web site.

A cookie is very relevant to users and website owners. In the client perspective, this is quite convenient because at some point you don't need to log in again on a particular internet site.

12 August 2013

Apple Unveils New Iphone and Mac OS X on Sept.10, says AllthingsD

Does Apple offers cheap new version of iPhone? Is it packed with new and innovative features? In an AllthingsD's post, it stated that Apple will launch its new iPhone, probably be called Iphone 5S. This new iPhone will  run on its iOS 7(announced in the Apple's Developer Conference last June). Apple will announce also its Lower-Cost New iPhone case-made by Polycarbonate instead of Aluminum.

11 August 2013

Tropical Cyclone: Typhoon Labuyo [Update]

As of 4:20 PM
Issued at 4:20 PM, 11 August 2013 (Sunday)
Target Areas: ‪#‎MetroManila‬

Light at times moderate to heavy rains is affecting Metro Manila and most likely to continue for the next 3 hours.

People are advised to MONITOR the weather condition and for the next advisory.

10 August 2013

Chronoblade: Facebook's Best RPG Game [Review]

The game that was introduced by my colleague, though, I did not want to play any games anymore, but with this beta play, I was impressed with the gameplay.

This game reminds me of some kind of RPG packed with special effects and 3D graphics which attracted my interest to play it.

I know there were lots of Facebook users did play with other favorite game like Candy Crush, but yet this game made me a chance to enjoy playing once in a while.

09 August 2013

Visitors2cash.com Review: Fraud, Scam or Real?

For this week, I reviewed yet another quite-obvious fraud website which offers a great high payout for just referring a link? Oh come on, not again please! I feel sorry about this but I have to review with this kind of website. At one point, I saw one user advertised it in a PTC site like Clixsense. At the back of my mind, doubtful, it tells me, Oh it seems it has a familiar design… hmmmm..Does it really pay the users?

So I did venture to review this Visitors2cash.com thingy. Did visitors2cash really pay the users?

Difference: KBps VS Kbps [Explained]

Do ISPs CHEAT on Internet Bandwidth & Speed? Do ISPs give what a subscriber pays for the expensive range of bandwidth service? Ironically, I am complaining for the slow connection, yet, I am still eager to use it anyway. The problem with the ISPs bandwidth and speed is very common. In addition, most people confused about their bandwidth of kpbs or Mbps and of KBps and MBps ( Well, Honestly, I too, confused about it – that's why I am making it a post entry to share what I have learned).

07 August 2013

HOW TO: Change Text Capitalization in Word

This is quite simple or might already know to most Windows user especially to those who exposed in Microsoft Word. To change uppercase/lowercase of a text or paragraph there are ways for that. However, I had this slight problem with the Capitalization – when I wanted to change text to small caps – and it failed.

And I thought what was wrong with the Word? I tried many times just to achieve what I want but still a failure. Search for a solution, I googled it and it seemed that the solutions were quite valid and correct. 

So for this reason, I made like this post to solve another similar problem that I have encountered.

06 August 2013

[Monetize] Earn Money: 3rd Cashout With Adf.ly + ClixSense

I may not earn higher than any blogger out there, the thing is, I did enjoy what I actually doing. Sounds pretty late but I just want to include it anyway.

Not so-much to celebrate, I did cashout for the 3rd time with Adf.ly and Clixsense. I did say not-to-celebrate because I only got smaller revenue. I know some people will get at least $100/week or higher.

Nothing to hope or to improve with this but the important thing is to share with you the great opportunity here.

05 August 2013

04 August 2013

PayoDesk.com Review: Scam Or Real?

With the new websites created each day, we find it more difficult to determine and pinpoint what are the scam, fraud, or legal sites. But with the few keen study and analyze the website's flow and system, we have the chance to prove ourselves that a certain website is a fraud or a legal.

Here, I am inspired to review especially on scam site. Yes, you read it right, since this is a review, so probably it is a scam.

How you do know with PayoDesk.com?

Introducing Android Device Manager: Anti-Theft Technology System

In an official Android post, it was unveiled the new feature – Android Device Manager – which provide a great help and security tool to find/locate misplaced Android devices by ringing the lost phones, by protecting & erasing data when necessary, and by locating android phone in real time with the map.

03 August 2013

[SOLVED] Cisco CCNA Offline Exploration 4.0 Launch Problems

Just recently, I was challenged to review and study networking academy with CISCO. Well, this is not MLM, it is not a business, and perhaps, this challenge made realized how ISPs managed to hide facts along to its subscribers.

Disclaimer: In any way, I am not affiliated with CISCO. I wish I could. Rather, I will be sharing kinds of stuff that you need to equip with your networking career. Soon, I will take CCNA exam to further strengthen my network skills and thus will comment specifically on how ISP take part of their business to serve their customer technically.

02 August 2013

01 August 2013

Facebook Unveils Embedded Posts Feature

Facebook unveiled its new feature the so-called Facebook Embedded Posts which give users the ability to share Facebook public posts to another blogs or websites.

In a official blog post, Facebook announced a new social plugin which first launched with its partners such as Bleacher, CNN, Huffingtonpost, Mashable, and People. Soon it will roll out to Facebook users worldwide.