31 July 2013

Disguise Cells Sites To Palm Trees - Globe Telecom

Since the announcement of implementation of the newest state-of-the-art-technology, ODAS or Outdoor Distributed Antenna System, here, Globe Telecom introduced the use of cell sites transformed and disguised as palm trees.

The use of the tree-shaped cellphone towers will improve the signal especially on the external villages. The said project built with $790 million network and IT modernization program.

MyPhone ICEBERG's Anti-Theft Application - TARA

MyPhone unveiled its proudly-pinoy made anti-theft technology app – Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery Application or simply 'TARA' – which can remotely disabled the said gadget to protect and secure data just in case it is stolen or lost exclusive for MyPhone.

What does TARA do? Well it works successful just in case?

30 July 2013

29 July 2013

28 July 2013

Anonymous Hacked Limketkai Website & Warned People and Government Officials

Last Friday ( July 28, 2013), there were 6 people killed and 46 were wounded from improvised bomb explosion in one of the best places in Cagayan de Oro around 11:30 pm @ –– Rosario Arcade, Limketkai particularly near popular restaurant namely Candy's & Kyla's Biztro.

Cherry Mobile: Cosmos X Smartphone

#selfie can never been better with this new smartphone that Cherry Mobile unveiled. The yet most affordable SUPER AMOLED HD smartphone is now available nationwide at P9,999.00**.

One good thing about it is its DUAL SIM capability. While more people preferred Dual SIM, this is however a good choice. Expect for the fast drain of battery(Mobile signals eat to much battery life though).

27 July 2013

Google Unveiled Its "Casting" New Video Streaming Content to TV –– Chromecast

After planning to create Android-based Video Game Console, Google brought an announcement that would make new streaming content to TV –– Chromecast.

It was announced too that it can viewed in the Google Play - Device Chrome, but it seems that my country is not yet available for the devices.

Do people still watch in their TV?

26 July 2013

[Monetize] Proof That Blogging Really Pays Off

Who needs extra money? Of course, I would say, most of us. While some of business establishments promise us a high earning revenue for a cheap investment. Do you really need to fall in trap because it shows large money income? Come to think of it. I learned that: You should invest right and wise.

Their Business Model; My Blogging Model

They were indeed very successful in that business model but I nothing's changed particularly. Yet Blogging has given me the great opportunity to learn and earn little extra money. Despite of these blessings, I realized that I am very happy instead when someone asked for the help and I answered them back with solution. It was fulfilling than seeing my earnings.  (I checked my earnings every minute).

25 July 2013

DNA Scientist, Rosalind Franklin, Featured by Google Doodle

Google Doodle for today(July 25, 2013), celebrates the works and life of DNA scientist Rosalind Franklin with a coffee theme. The first letter G might be the plate used in microscope, the 2nd "O" contains Rosalind's image goggled-through character "L" replaced with DNAs and charater "E" magnified DNA structure.

24 July 2013

[PH] Is August 09, 2013 A Regular Holiday Or Not?

The reason you were landed here because you were looking for the answer. Is it really a holiday on August 09, 2013? This is quite difficult to answer at least for now simply because the reason is the government still does not declare such. I know you are pretty excited for the mere fact that August 09 should be a holiday right? At least for unofficial statement coming from other external sources.

23 July 2013

22 July 2013

Digitalfilipino.com Conducts Digital Influencer Boot Camp @ CDO City

CEO and FOUNDER of Digitalfilipino.com, Janette Toral, will be the lead speaker in the upcoming #Boot Camp at Cagayan de Oro City this July 27, 2013, from 8 am - 5 pm.

If want to improve and learn digital marketing techniques, Miss Janette Toral will conduct a piece of training to build and establish as a Digital Influencer.

Devant TV: Attracts and Reclaim Strong Family Relationship

Few years ago, most families gather together in the living room. This room considered to be the center of  family activities. Oh yes, it is indeed one of the favorites spot among family members. In addition, it caters special occasions too. 

But with the advent of the new technology, this so-called Living Room eventually became vacant most of the time. This is because of the handed gadgets to some members. These members of the family tend to spend more time in their own room with the use of their laptop or smartphone. In fact, I am no longer updated with the TV shows because I am sitting here browsing and playing with my PC while, good thing, most of my family members really have that bond to stay and to watch TV together. (I am guilty of this sigh)

Devant TV's mission is to get back such wonderful memories to a family that gathers together in one place. Could Devant TV beats these gadgets?

HOW TO: Update Drivers & Improve Performance With Driver Booster

Do you still have outdated drivers in your system? What are the benefits of installing latest drivers? How to update drivers?

Drivers sometimes cause slow system performance when it is not updated. Moreover, drivers latest versions could be difficult to find. You need to know the model of your devices example your videocard, you have to check its model and then search on internet with its new updated driver. Thus, it takes more time to update drivers.

21 July 2013

Boost Traffic With Pinterest

Pinterest has become more popular photo-sharing service that enables users to create and pin collection of images. While it attracts millions of users worldwide, it could somehow drive traffic in a certain websites. 
The more traffic a website has, the more potential earnings.

With this, I am interested to use Pinterest as one of the methods to capture readers.

Why Candy Crush Game Is Good For The Brain?

Candy Crush Saga is a popular Facebook matched-three game. Each level has different candies too. It surpassed Farmville. It is the variation of the yet popular Bejeweled.  And was developed by King(website).

To play Candy Crush Saga, you simply need to match 3 colors candies by swapping positions of 2 adjacent candies to match the same color either horizontally or vertically.

While it became a big hit in 2012 and mass downloaded(Candy Crush Saga had over ten million downloads in December 2012 alone) at a breath-taking pace, it is now considered to be an addictive game. 

So is it bad for the player?

20 July 2013

PhotoScape: Free, Fast, & Fun Way To Edit Photos

Looking for a FUN and Easy way to edit, enhance and fix images? There are lots of photo editing software available and be found online. One of the best photo editing applications is the Adobe PhotoShop. Though PhotoShop offers great editing tools and features, you will be shocked by its price. Generally, it is very expensive! Interestingly, PhotoShop mostly used in commercials and is primarily used with Manual editing.

However, if you just want to edit photos as simple as A, B, C. And it is 100% free. Try PhotoScape.

19 July 2013

Improved: Alexa Rank As Of [07/19/2013]

Alexa is one of the few useful services that provides and collects information about website's traffics and metrics. Though, it is not really 100% perfect system in measuring stats on websites, still more companies used it as for basis to improve site stats and other metrics.

So how is it important with Alexa Rank?

18 July 2013

Nuffnang Cash Out Guidelines

Nuffnang announced its cash out guidelines tru email. It has 2 cut off options every month. Every 10th and Every 25th day in  month. With these guidelines, it answers all inquiries pertaining to cash out.

In line with that, this is my 2nd yet cash out request using Nuffnang Service.
See other posts: First Cashout With Nuffnang

17 July 2013

Truth About Facebook Graph App Privacy [Trending Issue]

Do our likes and comments be seen to foreigners without our permission? Does unchecking life events and comments could make my Facebook friends to private? Is it really true that Facebook new graph app makes visible to strangers?
Here I will put some information about Facebook Graph App feature.

16 July 2013

Gmail Roll Out Inbox Tabs & Categorized Labels

Gmail just recently roll out its new feature: Inbox Tabs and Categorized Labels. Well, at first, I had a minor difficulty in browsing my inbox. Oh yes, I didn't know what tabs a certain website is. But later, I feel more comfortable.

The messages are now classified into categories. These categories such as but not limited to Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. What are the benefits of these new features?

15 July 2013

Google Featured Dutch Painter Rembrandt van Rijn With 407th Birthday Anniversary [07/15/2013]

Google loves to feature great people on their homepage. Added to that, I am very pleased to think that Google gives me such wonderful facts and trivia which help me know more great people in the history. Today, July 15 2013, Google Doodle featuring Rembrandth van Rihn with his 407th birthday.By the way, who is Rembrandth van Rijn?

To tell you honestly, this is my first time to see his name. Yes, he claimed to be the one of the greatest dutch painter and etcher in the history in European art history. Well, it is mere expected not to know him because I am from Asia and I don't have some knowledge about art thingy.

[Review] EasyJobPay: Is it Scam Or Real? Find Out Here!

As few people would claim an easy money, do you believe with them? Does it really give easy money? Does it offer way to be rich quick?Believe me, I would rather say; there's no such thing as easy money. Perhaps, if they will engage in illegal activities. Maybe. In relation to work, is there any job that generates easy money? The answer is: No!

13 July 2013

11 July 2013

Mouseover Popup Image Viewer Script

Tired of constant viewing images that need to visit it first to display the whole image?  For quick viewing photos, this script could really help a lot and saves time too! No need to visit image in a new window/tab. It's really hassle-free and enjoy browsing seamless experience!

What makes it more useful? See more here.

09 July 2013

MyPhone A848i DUO: Price, Specs, & Availability

Looking for a cheap android smartphone that could give you awesome experience? Why not try Myphone's A848i Duo. With the Android Invasion last month June #AndroidInvasion, MyPhone announced its great sale with A848i DUO. From P5,990.00 suggested retail price, now it will give you P3,990.00 (saves P2,000.00) until July 15, 2013 only.

Landing the Job you Love on Linkedin

Landing the Job you Love on Linkedin by www.maxginez3.com
I've been using Linkedin for quite some time, updating my Professional profile. What's good about it is that Microsoft, Ebay, Netflix, and Target used LinkedIn to recruit candidates for employment. 

According to Kay Luo, (former Director of Corporate Communications at LinkedIn), says that the main reason that companies are using LinkedIn is to find passive job candidates. Another reason why companies are using LinkedIn, is because referrals from their employees are highly valued because they typically have a higher success rate (hence the popular "employee referral bonuses"). LinkedIn helps companies leverage the networks of their employees.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Air: Most Affordable Tablet Runs With 7" Jelly Bean 4.2

If you looking for a cheapest and most affordable tablet that runs with the new flavor android OS, Jelly Bean Android 4.2 and 7-inch size -- Cherry Mobile's Fusion Air tablet probably a next option tablet to buy.

Cherry Mobile already announced the availability and became breathtaking pace sensation to sold this tablet. Cherry Mobile Fusion Air considered to be the most affordable 7" tablet on market, packed-with-features yet not-so-special specs. Ideally and generally not for those high-end users. Cherry Mobile Fusion Air attracts mostly normal Filipinos who wanted to experience the use of tablet.

08 July 2013

Psychology of Colors: Positive & Negative

Does food makes it more look delicious if it is colored blue? Does the green color help you become more productive? For artists and designers, they must understand pretty well on how colors affect the moods, feelings, and emotions. For a mere individual, however, he/she could learn a little about the colors that could dramatically influence feelings. Moreover, the feelings about the colors depend on the personal experience and with culture. What is your favorite color?

Event on Information Security Masterclass September 25-26 2013

Live Hacking & Information Security Masterclass by www.maxginez3.com
Clariden Global Executive Education spearheaded an event this coming September 25 - 26,  2013 in Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore about Live Hacking & Information Security Masterclass to be led by Chuck Easttom. He is the President of CEC-Security LLC, he was also named in Whose Who in Science and Technology and Whose Who in Education. Chuck's experienced various High End and Prestigious institutions including US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, Stanford Medical School, Harvard Computer Society, EC Council, Boeing Aerospace and more. He also authored 15 computer science books, including 2 textbooks used in universities globally.

07 July 2013

Republic Act. No. 8484 or Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998

With the rampant of illegal sale and installation to telecom's modems nowadays, I was bit curious on what grounds will a person be filed if he/she violates any such illegal activities. Gladly, a proper law on violation against illegal access of devices shown.

Republic Act. No. 8484 or Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998.

Lazy Load Script Plugin For Your Blog/Website

 As the web technology emerges, new trends introduced and more scripts were created for the purpose of optimizing a websites for great experience to users. We are already in HTML5, CSS3, and JS (Jquery), it helps front end developers to deploy techniques to enhance optimal experience to readers.

This script has been very compelling to me. It adds delightful viewing experience and it loads pretty fast. I am talking with the Lazy Load Script.

Earn Money With Bubblews: Writing Community [Review]

Do you regularly post lengthy statuses in Facebook? How many hours do you spend a day without actually doing anything? Are you bored? Want to earn money? If you are, here's for you. Bubblews does a great opportunity to users. Instead of lengthy status with Facebook why not try to post it in Bubblews and start making money out it?

Can You Really Earn Money With SWA Ultimate ?

If you are looking for an ultimate solution for your financial problems, then you could probably join with this online opportunity that SWA (Supreme Wealth Alliance) offers. Are you ready? Feel Excited? But wait a minute. Let me give you few advice, words, facts, information and statements. 

Before joining any online network opportunity and start earning money, learn to analyze its operation, marketing plan, company, and product.

Nothing's personal here. It is purely own my views, opinions, observations and ideas. Some part of it, however, might offend.

06 July 2013

Boost Speed Windows Startup With MSConfig

Have you ever experienced a tedious start or boot up on your PC? On your Netbook? On your Laptop? Sometimes, it get into your nerves. You are bursting out with impatience and eventually frustrated to what may deem comes the result.

If you are really experiencing such slow starting up, this article could help you at least. Learn on how to optimize system by using MSCONFIG special tool.

05 July 2013

Globe Telecom Unveiled To First Use of Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (ODAS)

With a few reasons that affect mobile signal, the telecommunication companies continue to further study to come up yet a single solution to low signals, interference and other outside barriers. Rather than getting furious to telecom companies, it is more important to note that there are many factors to considered.

One of factors might affect is the illegal repeaters.

Inventor of the First Computer Mouse, Douglas Engelbart Dies Aged 88

Pioneers most likely be noticed when they are dead. This is the sad reality. In fact, I didn't even know the first inventor of the computer mouse. Did you know the inventor of the First Computer Mouse?

More people were globally mourned about the death of the inventor aged 88 last July 02, 2013. This news sprang up the Internet world. Pioneering people should have a great recognition! Thank you Sir!

Without his invention, we might have a difficulty in controlling and managing our PCs. Mouse have been 'clicked' to industry and be more user-friendly experience among users.

Okay, i know there are lots of geeks around the world prefer not to use a computer mouse. Well, its their right of choice.

04 July 2013

5 Reasons Why You Need To Own Domain

For the past couple of years, I have been into blogging realm yet i didn't own a single domain, until this year, with my little earnings online, i managed to buy some domain names which i could think it is more useful in future.(seems to be true)

To start with:

Domain names is an identification that defines authority, control, identity, branding on the Internet. With the definition alone, you will know how important owning a domain are. There are plenty of valid reasons why you MUST own domain. I will be sharing to you some facts that you might be interested with.

You might ask yourself, what is wrong with FREE service, Free Host and Free Sub-domains?

03 July 2013

Facebook Group Created Doc Worm

Have you ever wondered lately in your Facebook group? Have you noticed someone's created a doc and it turned out to be a worm? Actually, i have experienced it, there were many people made to annoy to the group page by creating a certain doc with a video image on it. To be simple, it is a worm!

Of course, it will not flood in the group if it has no user intervention. Moreover, with the doc: image video's unique title you can really catch and attract attention to view it.

Facebook Newest Stickers in Chat

Quite impressive! Tired of your boring and plain chat? Worry no more! Here, it will become more exciting as Facebook introduced its newest Stickers in chat. Say goodbye to the old and plain chat! Facebook roll out its newest feature, Stickers in Chat. What does it gives?

You can send sticker design to your Facebook friends.

02 July 2013

Mozilla Unveils Firefox OS

Mozilla announced its newest Firefox OS alternative to Google Android OS. This month, Mozilla will be working with the leading mobile manufacturers and wireless operators to broadcast its Firefox OS globally. This is quite intriguing and exciting. But the question, does Firefox OS will be on the race track against the topped-smartphones OS like iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows 8, and Android?

Got Email Invitation From Freelancer.com: Manila Dev Challenge

Phew! Pretty excited to read my inbox then suddenly, feel sad...Its an open invitation for dev challenge though I am no longer a web developer or such. Still, I am happy to receive one prestigious invitation from Freelancer.com. -_-

Are you a rockstar developer? Have a passion with programming, logic and algorithm? here's for you!

01 July 2013