30 June 2013

HOW TO: Update Google Chrome [Solved]

One of the most popular, fastest, simplest and most widely used browsers in the history of the internet is the Google Chrome. While it tops the race among Desktop Browsers, some few users still used the so-called father of browsers which is the Internet Explorer.

For those who are using Google Chrome as their partners in surfing the net, sometimes, they failed to update its Google Chrome, which resulted to slow down and exposed to security flaws.

Bloggers.com Is Now Closed

It's been a few weeks back when Bloggers.com announced the shutting down permanently its website. Sadly, its been an useful indeed to build audience with this site.

Bloggers.com officially closed last June 25, 2013. The reason primarily rises from lack of funding and way too high of its expenses with its server maintenance.

The owner of the site still waiting for investors/buyers to put up money/buy the site to revive the site. Apparently, at this point of day, I still see the warning message.

Compilation: Can You Check and See Who View Your Facebook Profile?

Is your EX gf/bf viewed your Facebook profile? Or if not, would you want to see if your crush peeking your photos? Lastly, you want to know who exactly stalking your profile? These are questions that can excite you thinking  to click without second thought on those viewing/stalking viewers app links. Indeed, you are pretty excited to see how exactly the apps worked, most especially, on those apps that give you promising results, like, you will be able to determine to see who viewed your very own Facebook Profile

This quite amazing feature in Facebook, still there are lots of few apps only do annoying and spamming! Since it attracts a mere Facebook user considering it could really view WHO see your own profile, does it?

However, there are slight PROBLEMS with these apps. One of the problems is that it can lead and  tag you as a spammer and might expose your account to danger and hack. The worst scenario, the apps can grant full access to your Facebook account without your prior permission. Some sensitive data could be exploited. How would you react and solve this kind of dilemma? Okay, I know, you don't want to happen.

29 June 2013

Will Google Creates Android-Based Videogame Console?

After learning Google initiated to create floating internet, Google Loon. Apparently, Google may build video game console for gamers. Well, its a great news for gamers out there and for those who love to play games in Android, the internet giant, Google  is creating a videogame console that runs on Android OS.

In a report, Wall Street Journal, stated that Google will develop an Android-based videogame console and wristwatch. However, Google Spokesman declined to comment.

27 June 2013

Type Word 'Queer' in Google Search: Did you notice something?

A typical evening, I made an article(quite annoying but useful), and I felt bored. I visited and stumbled other sites to amazing my mind. Landed on Twitter( i wasn't about to look for an individual quote for my status) yet I found an entirely unknown word for me.

It's a news statement, with burst curiosity, I tend to search "QUEER". Yes, i don't know what it means, and I have seen it today.

NameCheap Offers Great Sale with .ME Domain + Private Email for $0.98

If you are looking for an affordable personal domain, then here's a limited time offer with NameCheap! Buy now at its cheapest rate of $0.98 with.ME domain name Not only that, it gives one-year private email too.

It is a LIMITED TIME offered by Namecheap, buy now!

26 June 2013

Introducing Huawei's First Windows 8 Smartphone With Globe Telecom's MySuperPlan

Ascend W1, Huawei first windows phone 8 added to Globe Telecom's device portfolio under Best-Ever and Most Innovative MySuperPlan after BlackBerry Q10. Ascend W1 is a sleek-stylish design, unique features and superb functionality to users looking for alternative Windows Phone OS technology on its cheap price.

25 June 2013

Google Pays Tribute to Architect Antoni Gaudi In Its 161st Birthday With Google Doodle

I should thank more to Google with its popular Google Doodle. I finally seen some unpopular people which i recall i didn't remember when i was in grade school to college. Trivias that Google gives, made me crave for more information. Anyways.

Today, June 25 2013, Google featured Architect Antoni Gaudi I Cornet, which is the figurehead of Catalan Modernism reflects its individual and distinctive style.

23 June 2013

MyReferJob Review: Is it a Scam or Real?

Looking for a job online? Sure. But how? No idea? I will give you a referral job link. Wait. What? Just kidding. After reviewing websites that promise to give high revenues just by referring and visiting a referral source link, now i was interested to give a review this kind of website.

Finally Enabled and Optimized Responsive Template

Did you set your websites to be responsive-powered feature? Are you aware that Google will now penalized websites that are not mobile friendly? What does Responsive Layout means? Why you need to implement it in your websites? Here, you will learn why you need to enable responsive websites.

22 June 2013

First Clixsense Payout + Upgraded to ClixSense Premium User

At long last, i was able to receive my first ever ClixSense cashout with an amount of $9.09. Though, it was pretty small but i did not pay any fee for that. Its 100% Free: No Registration FEE, Extra FEE and other hidden FEES.

To review back, i was registered to ClixSense PTC last 2011. Its been 2 years now since i got my first payout today. I know you wont wait for that years just to earn small amount right? But if you have lots of patience, then certainly you could learn and earn $100/day or more which i am currently working on ^_^.  By the way, it is not my main priority to click ads with ClixSense. I have this blogging career sideline which could earn $2-8/day and averages to $3/day. Now, let me continue....

20 June 2013

Tropical Depression Fabian PH

PAGASA or Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration issued tropical cyclone alert as of early of 11:am for the next tropical depression named "FABIAN" after "EMONG". PAGASA stated  Tropical Depression, FABIAN developed to a Low Pressure Area was situated west of Batangas, located 290 km west of Iba, Zambales with the maximum wind speed of 55 kph near center.

Globe Telecom Upgrades To Fiber Optics Solution in Coron, Palawan

Is it the reason why Globe Telecom has recently had a problem with its connection? Last few weeks, I got frustrated about the connection, it will disconnect approximately every 10 minutes but some varied to other areas.

But as of today, I got a chance to feel ease with this kind of opportunity. Is it the signal or storm? Or is it the upgrades of its system?

Devant: TV Extraordinaire - Exceptionally LEDTech Leaders PH

Done watching the the yet most anticipated Man of Steel of the year? I supposed you already watched that blockbuster movie. While most of us, prefer to watch those films at home, we tend to sit and relax together watching in the TV.

What you have exactly felt when watching Man of Steel in the theater would somehow be similar as Devant TV Extraordinary delightful experience in TV viewing.

18 June 2013

Introducing Nokia 301 Dual SIM Phone With 3.5G Internet Connection

Nokia may be far behind with the two great competitor Samsung and Apple, Nokia does not stop from making innovative and quality product. Nokia has been known for its robust quality. Though, in the Philippines, MyPhone has started first in supporting dual SIM. It seems that Nokia pushes a breakthrough to counter-part MyPhone's greatest feature.

Facebook Chat & Comment Icons 2013 Script Review

Have you ever seen the new and unique Facebook icon in chats or comments? If so, how is it appealing to you? I bet your friends were using it. Yes, indeed, it was pretty impressive and i wonder where they find those cute icons and use it in chat and comment. With Facebook mobile, i have seen a lot of these cute little new icons. My friends too really use such. I hope they would not mind that i actually searching for it.

Honestly, it is really difficult to look these Facebook icons. Thankfully, there were some of my friends did share about these on their wall. In my previous post, i stated there that you could use icons if you will join the so-called Facebook Group and then start copying those square characters and paste it to chat or comment.

17 June 2013

Does Your Favorite ISP Really Gives You Maximum UP To Mbps Data Rate?

Are you really paying for a certain maximum Mbps rate with your ISP? Do you feel and experience frustration that your Internet connection is very quite slow compared to ISP's advertised 'Up to Mbps' ? Did you really think you could really get exactly what ISP does advertise? Well, these are the most common questions that a consumer (like us) might wondered and often asked concerning about a slow and expensive internet connection. Right now, i will give some insights on why our internet connection speed is really slow.

MyPhone A888 Dual Phone With Karaoke On The Go App

MyPhone announced in their Facebook fanpage, sleek, smart and stunning smartphone - MyPhone A888 Duo with Free App, Karaoke on the Go discounted as low as P5, 490.00 which saves you P2,009.00 from its original price of P7,499.00! 

If you loved singing videoke or karaoke, this phone is for you, A888 Dual. A888 Dual SIM phone has been included in the recently launched campaign Android Invasion Nationwide.

16 June 2013

Kat.PH Shuts Down By Philippine Government. What Will Happen to Kat.PH Now?

This is gotten to be serious now. By the way, my question is, how about focusing on those greedy government officials instead? Or else fight to resolve poverty in the Philippines? Technically, Government hunts online copyright infringers. Watch out. omg.

In the Interaksyon news, Kat.ph, a torrent site for movies, news, TV shows, and software had been taken shut down by the Philippine Domain Registrar, DoTPH after IPOPHL (Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL)'s Bureau of Legal Affairs issued a TRO(Temporary Restraining Order) which PARI(Philippine Association Recording Industry Inc) complained about the illegal activity specifically which OPM songs.

Floating Internet With Google Loon: Balloon-Powered Internet Access

Whoa! This is sounds crazy... Google launched the so-called Google Loon: Balloon-Powered Internet Access for Everyone. How is it possible? If you are me, when it comes to technology, if Google made an unveiling invention, i never doubt with its innovation. Simple because i really did trust Google products. And i so much believe with them.

Things getting a lot of fun and exciting here. From a Science fiction movies becomes to 'awe' reality. From the Google X projects like Google Glass & Google's self-driving cars, now comes with Google Loon. Whats next Google?

Based on the statements, Google gives a benefit to a high-speed of comparable with 3G. Will the doomsday of slow-and-expensive ISPs come?

Happy Father's Day 2013

Have you greeted your dad a Happy Father's Day? Do you have a surprise gifts to your Father? Father's Day is a day of celebration to honor dads in the world. This includes those fatherhood, paternal bonds or fathers in society. When will be the day of celebrating Father's day?

15 June 2013

[Review] Is StartReferralJob a Scam? Fake Or Legal? Take a Chance To Read

Earning Money in a fastest way ? Oh no...It is so attractive hmmm... but hey, i really don't give a sh*t here. By the way, it is so cute to invite friends to click the link. Honestly, its so annoying. Hmmm..Well... Rather, promoting to earn money with these sites, now, i shall take down all these "crazy sites". Ahemmm.., Its a joke, just want to share keen information about this site and on how to refrain from using it. Kinda waste of time, i will tell you.

13 June 2013

Turn Texts To Money: Earn With Infolinks - In Text Ads Service

Could you actually turn texts into cash? This is a question. Does it actually work that way? Pretty sure, you would guess 'Perhaps yes and maybe it's no.' But today I will erase those baffled thoughts. Today, I will show you how exactly it works to convert text into cash.
Today, I will show you a concrete example that could lead your way of thinking better things about this income generating scheme.

12 June 2013

Globe Telecom Mobile Browsing Fueled-Up Product Line

Do you prefer to browse in your mobile phone? What day you usually use your smartphone when visiting a website? With the increase of smartphone usage, people tend to use their mobile instead with their fancy netbook or PC. Admittedly, big valid reasons why more people browse using their mobile are of its mobility, efficiency and convenience. 

Earn Cash with EarnMailer: Simple, Free and Fast

Research shows that Search and Email activity both has been used about 92% users online this is according to Pew-Internet research report. While this is true in nature, ideally, in my case, i would say, it is 90% true. Usually, at first of the day, i will always open my Gmail then Facebook.
Most of the time, i do searching over internet, looking for unknown data perhaps an alien -_-. So this might suggests that the research is quite true.

With that, i feel comfortable to try and venture with this money generating service, that EarnMailer offers.

EarnMailer :earn money from your emails is a FREE service and of course, you could earn money by using it. It is relatively simple, it does not need advanced knowledge to use it.

Google Doodle PH Celebrated 115th Independence Day Anniversary

Today is a national holiday in the Philippines. For singles out there, nothings special, this is not the only day to celebrate, SAD(Single Awareness Day ^_^). On June 12, 1898, Independence was proclaimed in now called Kawit, Cavite by Spain. With that, Google Doodle PH featured Philippine Independence Day with its 115th anniversary.

11 June 2013

Philippine Telecom - GLOBE/TM/SMART/TNT/RED/SUN/NEXTEL Network Prefixes

Philippines had many Telecom companies which includes Globe, Smart Inc, and Sun Cellular that offer great mobile technology and promos to Filipino citizens.

Pinoys were great texters and enjoyed calling a friends/love ones and families. To be effective in these sort of activities, it should be noted to know that these Network Prefixes that a telecom provides have a different numbers and owners. Its more fun in the Philippines.

What is Network Prefixes?

Network Prefixes are the first 4 numbers that indicate which telecom belongs to. To see (mostly) prefixes,
you should see here.

Reasons Why VisitProfit Is A SCAM [Review]

Just recently, i saw my Facebook friends shared this kind of site, VisitProfit. Well, it says it could earn a lot of money. Undoubtedly, i began to do some research and then the good part is that, this visitprofit may look similar design, system and approach with Pay4Users. Thus, I firmly believed that the admins or the creators of that site are the same.

While earning online became a hype and mainstream this day, we couldn't say and believe that those websites are really legitimate ones pr not because more and more sites were created each day and most of them were fakes and scams.

10 June 2013

WD and MSI Partners To Develop Great Notebook For Gaming Experience

If you are a heavy gamer, you probably want this one kind deal of package. The leader of Storage Technology - WD and Largest World's leader information technology manufacturer - MSI® joined to announce its one complete package of MSI product be available in WD Black Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD).

09 June 2013

Got Bored....And then i Made Something Quite Crazy Photo of Mine

This got to be something real. Yes, Sunday claimed to be a bored day for me. I mean, i did not take a chance to spend quality outside rather i was sitting in my PC and doing browsing and exploring stuff. At one point, bit of boredom, i decided to create another vector art of mine. Nothing serious here. I just spent my spare time doing something's crazy and here it is.

08 June 2013

MyPhone To Offer 0% Interest To Selected Android Mobiles

Philippine First Mobile phone brand which offers dual SIM capability, MyPhone, gives 0% interest with the following MyPhone Android Phones.

In the MyPhone Facebook fanpage post, it was announced that it offered potential customers a 0% interest to MyPhone Android phones namely: A919i Duo, A888 Duo, and A898 Duo.

07 June 2013

Introducing The World's Thinnest 1 TB Hard Drive From Western Digital

In the tech show in COMPUTEXT TAIPEI 2013, specifically with Booth L0810, it was announced that it will ship the world's thinnest 1 TB HD with its 2.5 inch WD Blue 7mm HD. This device could offer OEM, Channel Integrator, and customers unique storage solution.

It's thin, slimmer light system notebook compatible with industry standard 9.5 mm drive slots. Also capable from 320 GB to 1 TB in 7mm height.

Affordable Tablets At Your Hands with SkyWorth S7 and SkyWorth S8: Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom introduced two (2) affordable tablets both available with Prepaid and Postpaid Plans. Skyworth S7 and Skyworth S8 offer and give you right fit-in budget. It will give you great browsing experience at most useful to those professionals who have kids to be used in school.

If you want affordable tablets, you can avail with Globe Telecom

06 June 2013

How Could I Get Money Online? Learn With These FEW Ways

Several years ago, I also started to ask myself with this kind of question: How could I get money online? Where to get money online? That day, I was a bit completely blanked. No one helps me explore. I didn't know those time that the internet is full and wide of potential generating place and there were actually a few ways to earn real money.

First Enterprise-Class HD For Data Center Market: Western Digital

Western Digital now launched its innovative SE HD for data center deployments. This enterprise-grade platform could stand 24/7 operation.
WD Se is a combination of performance, reliability, and robust for most network storage deployment.
  • True enterprise-class drive with the right blend of affordability and capabilities to address the massive growth of semi-structured data, which is accelerating the scale-out of data centers of all size
  • Capacities up to 4 TB
  • the new WD Se hard drives enable customers to balance their data growth challenges in multi-drive enclosures without compromising enterprise-class features.

Globe Telecom Is The Exclusive Telecom Carrier for New HTC One in Philippines

In my previous post, Globe Telecom has been the First Telco to offer partnership with BlackBerry Q10 to postpaid users. Globe Telecom is now the exclusive telco carrier with new HTC One( Newest LTE powered HTC smartphone) in the Philippines.

In the press release, Globe Telecom partnered to be the exclusive PH telecom carrier of the HTC One under its best-ever MySuperPlan.

05 June 2013

Globe Telecom's ImaginArt: Creative Annual Art Exhibit Proposal Competition

Not only by a large mobile and internet services offer, but on art exhibition too. Globe Telecom launched its annual competition for art exhibitions proposals, ImaginART. Globe Telecom had believed the power of imagination that points out its source of creativity and innovations.

For artists, graphic lovers, and creative individuals this one sparks your imagination and creativity. Join Globe's ImaginART exhibition proposal with year's theme: A Journey Through A Wonderful World. In which it searches concept design inspiring discovery and exploration. Exhibition MUST give an idea to viewers into limitless possibility in innovations!

2D and 3D artwork will do.

Smart Communications: Opera UnliSurf 15 Browsing For P15/Day

Smart Communications Inc. announced with their Facebook Fanpage tagged as best kick for mobile users. With this so called unlimited moves, you enjoy unlimited mobile browsing for P15 per day with Opera Unlisurf 15. To experience awesome surfing activity, get Opera Mini Browser for FREE and it is one-time download!

04 June 2013

First Cashout With Chitika Advertising Network

First of all, i really want to thank Chitika for the first payment and was sent in my Paypal. Though, it is not a large amount to be surprised of yet im happy. *half-smiled*  At least, this little blessing could somewhat help me invest more in the blogging course. A publisher that wanted to monetize their blog, surely can use this Chitika service.

How i got first cash out with Chitika?

03 June 2013

HOW TO: Turn Off Game Request Notifications On Facebook

Honestly, I would like to say this: I really don't like receiving game requests notifications! Of course, most of the Facebook users frustrated to receive it. Unless you also played with these games. Almost, all game requests of mine have been stopped. 

The option i thought it is better is just turn it off rather than complaining to the source friend. Well, this is a nicer way not of confronting a friend.

Would you like to turn it off instead?

02 June 2013

HOW TO: Stop Sponsored Stories/Pages Ads From Appearing On Your Facebook Newsfeed?

If you logged on your Facebook account, probably you will see sponsored stories or suggested pages in your newsfeed. Sometimes, you will see too that your friends like that certain page. And you doubted how it shows in your newsfeed. Actually, those are the social ads where advertiser targeted friends of connection to promote.
It may sound annoying a little part of it, when you want to stop appearing it. You can do these simple steps.

01 June 2013

First Telco To Offer BlackBerry Q10: Unveils Globe Telecom

I am not a fan of BlackBerry Phones, and this is yet for BlackeBerry fans! This is a quite BIG good news! Globe Telecom now offers BlackBerry Q10 to postpaid users. Globe becomes the first telecom in the Philippines to launch BlackBerry Q10 and take note: Will be the ONLY operator offering newest BlackBerry smartphone for the first 30 days and it is officially available in the country on June 7, 2013, Friday.

The best-ever MySuperPlan (hails as the most innovative telecom project award 16th Telecom Asia Awards 2013) offers BlackBerry phone to Globe Postpaid plan users.

How to order BlackBerry Q10? Is BlackBerry a fit and right smartphone?

Facebook Sharing Feeling/Doing Status Update: New Unveiled Feature

Feeling sicked? Watching TV? Drinking Tea? Listening to your favorite music? Reading novel books? Now, you can actually put this feeling or doing in your Facebook Status with cool icons depict your mood/activity. However, not all profile has this feature but the good news is that in few days those profile will be added to their account. Is this feature be more useful in the user side? Does it help putting such status to peers ?