31 May 2013

30 May 2013

Clixsense PTC Site: One of the TOP 50 Sponsors As of May 30, 2013

This is quite amazing feeling for being one of the top 50 sponsors in a PTC site like Clixsense. Likewise, I am bit surprised too that i got new referrals in a day. Honestly speaking, i dont really take serious on this. However, with this, i am able to continue using this service. 

Earning money online is just easy but earning BIG amount i could say it is different talk. However, those people already earned high amount of money. I'm pretty sure they start in a single step. Who knows one day you or I could be one of the top richest person on earth. ^_^

While making LARGE money online is very difficult to achieve but it needs proper execution, effort and persistence.

Beware of Fraudulent Text Messages on Globe Postpaid Subscribers Says Globe Telecom

Nowadays, people easily tend to fall on trap any modus operandi and scams. With these weaknesses, more and more people came out no where just to scam us. We then must be aware on there modus operandi and stop them from doing it. With a knowledge like this, it will help us to remind ourselves not to trust these kind of people.

Globe warns postpaid  subscribers on text messages demanding bill payment.

29 May 2013

Philippine Tech Startups High Chances Link To Silicon Valley with Kickstart & Plug and Play

For Philippine Tech Startups, it is really difficult to operate in the Silicon Valley. Now, it is more possible and high opportunity with the partnership of two corporate: Kickstart Ventures, Inc. & Plug and Play joined together for a single cause.

Pinoy Startups will now be more reality than vision. Will the Kickstart Ventures, Inc. and Plug and Play help to tech startups?

Western Digital Green™ Desktop 3.5-inch HD: Best Choice Award in Green ICT Category

WD Green Desktop HD
Western Digital(WD), leader in Storage and connected-life products, recently announced for its WD Green Desktop 3.5 inch Hard Drive for its Best Choice Award in the Green ICT Technology which awarded by COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013.

What is WD Green Desktop 3.5 inch HD? Why it was awarded to be the Best Choice Award in Green ICT category? What is Best Choice Award?

Find out more here.

28 May 2013

Flickr: Revamped Appearance Plus Bigger 1TB Storage But Slow

The popular photo-sharing site, Flickr, had updated its appearance with bigger storage up to Terabyte.

Imagine how a Terabyte could cater bunch of photos?

Well, 1 Terabye is approximately equal to 1024 Gigabytes.

While Flickr promises it would be more spectacular, we could not deny the fact that in most third world countries, it is relatively slow. Does Flickr anticipated it?

27 May 2013

Facebook Activation Theme To Its New Form Virus: What You Need To Know

Well, this becomes hype and quite alarming. I could see more of my Facebook newsfeeds flooded by this certain scam-fake-annoying website/service which shared by the victims. Of course, it is not new scheme/modus. In fact, some family-related for it, improves gradually yet differently and never been out of sight, at least in a couple of months, then it will show again. Though, it has a different approach than View Profile Scams, it is more on social engineering maneuvering capabilities. Somehow, it will give you this: Activate Facebook New Theme. How would you feel and react? Thus, if you caught your interest, you will be included in the victim's lists. Hope its not. :)

Here's why you need not to try clicking that link.

25 May 2013

He's Dead, Jim! Google Chrome Error Message Display: What You Want To Know

He's Dead, Jim! Well, at least, familiar with those slow PC, NETBOOK, or LAPTOP and of course with Google Chrome users.

He's Dead Jim. Either Chrome ran out of memory or the process for the webpage was terminated for some other reason. To continue reload or go to another page.

You might see this error.

Why did it occurs in Google Chrome page?

Western Digital Joins Computex Taipei 2013: What Are The Key Activities There?

In my last week's post, WD had unveiled its My Passport Ultra in which it has USB 3.0 connectivity technology, more slim design and secured featured. Today, the leader in storage announced solid state hybrid drives (SSHD) and 5mm ultra-slim HD technology be demonstrated in the trade event, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013, in Taiwan from June 4 to 8, 2013.

SSHD Among Thin-and-light, Cloud Storage and Connected Life Portfolio Exhibited 

My 2nd Payment with Google Adsense 2013

Life is indeed unfair! Though some people would claimed it as BETTER & FAIR and by judging them i would say, they must be LUCKY enough to have that kind of life. Well, at least, not in my case, i mostly seen different situations in my surroundings. Moreover, I have experienced lots of difficulties in life. Life is so tough and cruel sometimes. And whenever i think of it i tend to lose hope. No, i didn't look down myself. I just could not see it in an opposite positive way. Yeah, i maybe too pessimist in nature but i have some other options too.  I must strive to fight and survive. Aja!
People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.~ Zig Ziglar
But the good news is that there's a light rays of hope. Whenever i find myself in the cave of hardship, uncertainty, unfair, difficulties and dilemma, it shines upon me and suddenly makes me feel free and gladly it makes me strong, it strengthens my keen knowledge, and it boosts my enthusiasm and motivation. What is your motivation in life? Perhaps with these reasons: status of life, poverty and personal needs.

Thank God for these blessings! @[email protected]

The Next Generation Postpaid Plan, Best-ever MySuperPlan, From Globe Telecom Is Here

Globe Telecom has never runs out with its innovation that pays well for a subscribers' likes and tastes. In fact, it is been better, a beyond breath-taking features which Globe subscribers fully customize postpaid plans.

For the next level product customization, Globe unveiled its 'Best-Ever MySuperPlan'. What is MySuperPlan? What do you want to know? To put it simply, just sit and relax there.

Smart Energy TV: Devant LEDTech TVs - Perfect for Any Occasions

This summer(or shall i say summer-rainy season), people unwinds in different feat outdoor places like beaches, pools, mountain-climbings, and malls. Its a one way to suite comfort at least in these season. Though an enjoyable getaways, it is often times not an economical choice so most will contend to stay at home.

23 May 2013

Out Of Load? No Nearest Loading Station ? Wait! Fonmoney Is Here For You!

E-load or Electronic loading to cellphones through the Internet is not a new concept; it’s been there for quite some time. Now there are just more options available. Service providers like Sun Cellular, Globe and Smart can be loaded from their respective homepages. Apart from these, there are lots of websites that can provide and give load to prepaid mobile phones. Although some of them function regionally most operate through the world and for multiple countries.

In case of emergency, how you do you see this system really important? For me, this kind of system really helps a lot especially you are equipped with internet connection. 

Globe Taps Nasctech - Streamline Solution Starting This July

Communication is vital to any individuals as it is our buddy in our daily routine and living. Majority possesses communication gadgets like cell phones and once in a while we encounter bugs and interruption. Telecommunication Company specifically Globe made its step to solve and make preventive measures to the said issues.
To enhance efficiency in the field of operations support system for communication service providers, improve network quality and customer experience, Globe Telecom move to tap Nasctech, a global provider of field operation support system. It is a step for the company’s transformation program, which includes as components a network modernization and an IT upgrade.

Globe will be utilizing Nasctech’s Streamline solution, a field operating support system that enables a stronger degree of visibility and control over the management of its field operation. In this manner of support program, the company’s operating expenses is expected to be reduced.

22 May 2013

What Exactly Is The Facebook Cover Photo Size?

This is not quite common question for most Facebook user, in fact, these users really did not care about what are the sizes with their Cover Photo. It seems that they just change it frequently and they were happy with that mere flow process.

However, for some people especially on designers full of creative juice and those Business oriented group prefer to  have knowledge about this.

Does it really matter? Do you know what are the sizes of your cover photo ?

21 May 2013

Yahoo! Bought Tumblr for $1.1 Billion: What will happen now to tumblr?

image from www.ign.com  
Yahoo! as the Internet’s original media network bought Tumblr the Internet’s fastest-growing media frenzy in the amount of $1.1 billion last May 21, 2013. Yahoo stated that “per agreement and our promise not to screw it up”, Tumblr would be an independent operated business. Mr.  David Karp, Tumblr’s 26 year old founder is now a billionaire and will remain chief executive.

20 May 2013

Youtube Presents Comedy Week: Kicks Off Comedy Lighter Side

The largest and popular video sharing site, Youtube unveiled its Comedy Week in their Youtube Homepage.

Not only that, in the Google's page you can see Youtube Comedy Week

If you have a serious time, take split of time to watch some entertaining and interesting comedy videos. This has to be ridiculous and funny week indeed.

Highlight calendar May 19-25 Youtube Comedy Week.
What are videos expected to watch?

How Globe Telecom gains nearly 2 Millions of Prepaid Subscribers in First Quarter 2013?

Despite of the tough competition in telco market, still Globe strengthen to manage to gain nearly as 2 millions of prepaid subscriber in just first quarter of 2013.

With the increase of subscribers, Globe somehow designed and implemented the customizable offers. These innovative services namely: GoSakto and TM Extend, in which, it become rocket-fuelled in the market. How did Globe Telecom gains such a huge number of subscribers?

18 May 2013

Globe Telecom recently launched Globe DUO Korea: International Inbound Calling PH

Do you have the blood-famous-internet-craze Korean PSY? PSY popularized Gangnam Style in which it became a record breaking to internet world especially in Youtube(Largest Video Sharing), thus it is now known as World's First Video to Hit 1 Billion in Youtube. While PSY became as SO POPULAR with its DANCE style, now it turns out that his new dance song, Gentleman*, fueled up like a rocket views in just few days in the Youtube.

*Uploaded last April 13, 2013. As of Today, it reaches views in 335,947,278

Not to mention, PSY is actual a SOUTH KOREAN. He does not have the Nuclear weapons to launch just like North Korea but rather does have its cool and awesome dance craze.

Now if you have the blood of pure Koreans, with this, did you know that Globe Telecom recently launched Globe DUO Korea?

Exclusive: Get Windows 8 Smartphones with SUN Postpaid

In SUN Cellular Facebook Fan page yesterday, they posted a status exclusive Windows 8 phones with their SUN Postpaid plan. These Nokia Lumias are the yet first implemented windows 8. Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia 720 are the exclusive with Sun PostPaid plan.

Windows 8 phones featured with its Live Tiles and Live Apps wherein you can set, change, and customize the looks in your home screen and could give you updates news around the world. With SUN Postpaid, Nokia, and Windows 8, you will never have to miss this kind of beat.

17 May 2013

World’s Fastest Graphics Card: AMD Radeon™ HD 8970M Graphics card

AMD(Advanced Micro Devices) has recently announced its World's Fastest graphics card in their Facebook fan page.

Are you excited with this news?

If you are a heavy gamer and graphic-intensive user, then this is for you.

AMD Radeon™ HD 8970M Graphics card offers great performance, immersible features and an extends battery life to deliver the best gaming and designing experience.

16 May 2013

Sun Broadband WiFi Stick Pocket Modem and WiFi: Best for Outdoor Trip

 In my  simple yet keen observation, in the months of April & May, I could feel NOT of summer heat but rather rainy and cold weather. Well this is not perfect to enjoy in the beach and outing. Is it the result of Global Warming? But whatever it is. I am certainly HAPPY when i am CONNECTED online. Phew.

Internet is my happiness. So with you too right? Being online always however proved to be a great, i could learn so MUCH information daily, with trends of gadgets and things, chatting with friends, & updating my blog. I could not imagine LIFE could be difficult if i have no INTERNET CONNECTION.

I would say, you are a subscriber with your favorite ISP. And you pay monthly bills for the internet connection. But sometimes, if you are in outing and enjoy trips, what will you do?

Globe Rewards New System: The Better and Bigger

"MyRewards MyGlobe" is Globe's loyalty program that gives, provides, and grant rewards, discounts, and privileges to its loyal subscribers.

Anyone can join. No need to pay Membership for it is FREE of Charge. However, Globe Telecom has the right to deny, suspend and terminate the membership this is due for unauthorized, improper and illegal use.

All active Prepaid Subscribers are qualified to join. Its point is added upon reloading certain amount. The bigger you load, the bigger the reward points are.

Western Digital(Leader in Storage Technology) Unveiled its New "My Passport® Ultra™

 The company leader in storage solution technology, Western Digital, announces its new portable hard drive, My Passport Ultra not so long ago and last week, it unveiled 3.5 inch SAS HD.  What are the difference among portable hard drives? Is it reliable? Is it fast? Is it really useful for heavy users?

My Password Ultra is a portable hard drive that has USB 3.0 connectivity technology, slim & compact design, and secured. In the press release, it was mentioned that it has 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities available. Is it enough? For heave downloaders, this could be quite more useful. I think 1TB is not enough for me. -_-.

15 May 2013

15GB Consolidated & Shared Storage Between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos

Google Users be excited with this great news! Google now adds a Total of 15GB of shared storage with the Google Products namely Google+, Gmail, and Drive. This is quite seamless move for Google consolidating storage.

Without merging storage, it seems Tedious to work on separately.

Are you excited with this FREE development of storage?

14 May 2013

Oh Wait! What!? Samsung Develops World’s First Ever 5G mmWave Mobile Technology

Image Take From http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/?p=24093
Did you ever experience using 4G networks in your location? Perhaps, most of you did not ever tried to use it. Same as me, i did not even have a 4G product, and the 4G network is not yet supported in all location[Philippines].

Are we not behind with other countries? Obviously, we are far far behind.

Just in case, you want to know interesting information with the next 4G, the 5G. In which Samsung Elections developed with its first adaptive array transceiver mobile technology operated in the millimeter-wave(mmWave) Ka bands for cellular communications.

Western Digital (WD) Unveiled New 3.5 Inch SAS Hard Drive Solution

Western Digital(WD®) has been focused lately on this innovative hard disk product. This leader of storage launched its new 3.5 inches SAS hard drive solution with the release of WD XE™ (2.5inch, 10,000 RPM SAS hard disk).

WD XE™ is now mounted to 3.5inch WD performance adapter.

13 May 2013

Globe Telecom President & CEO Ernest Cu Boards Lotus Formula 1 Racing Car

Now, the Philippine Election for National and Local has been ended. And few events were made extra ordinary news nationwide. Lets move on now! With this, lets leave the election matters. Did you know that the Globe Telecom President and CEO Ernest Cu boards Lotus Formula 1 Racing reigned for Grand Prix 2 Series Champion Davide Valsecchi during the Manila Speed show last May 4.

Philippine Election May 2013 Being Featured in Google with its Famous Google Doodle

May 13, 2013 is the official day of Election both for National and Local Elections( Senatorial, Party Lists, House of Representatives, Governors, Mayors, City/Municipal councilors).

If you are done voting, you need to vote 12 senators, 1 Mayor, 1 Party list, 1 Vice-Mayor, 1 House of Representative(in your district), and 8 councilors.

Don't Click Facebook Chat Messages That Have Mediafire Image File Type, It is Annoying.

While i am quite busy with other topics that involve Elections in our country, these few malware(worms) annoy me with excessive Facebook chat messages came from those who were infected with the Mediafire image-but-exe file thingy. This is one heck serious social engineering tactics in which blinds users thinking it is a good file but it turns out, it hides a certain piece sh*t of codes that could somehow lead your account being hacked.

Anyways, words to ponder. Don't try to download and install it.

Why would someone try to install it in the first place? Because they are curious, and once downloaded. They will see a sexy icon in the .exe file. And yet,  i didn't know what exactly it does.
To be safe, i rather not open that file. Instead, i tried unique geeky & nerdy one. Extract its source codes! hehehe/

12 May 2013

How to Vote in An Automated Election System? [Solved]

Tomorrow is the day for Election this year 2013 for senatorial and local position.  Added to that, perhaps, tonight it may be raining with the so-called "Vote Money". Woopps... Never mind, i only get wet with rain physically. For tomorrow is the judgement day and after that perhaps be the doomsday and suffering. I hope its not because we are in the "tuwid na daan". Are we? To continue,  others will be happy, while others gets mad. I cant believe election is more like business. Anyways...

I am bit More excited, excited than candidates. Whew, I cant wait to receive the money "opps sorry", actually i cant wait to vote with candidates who made me laughed, annoyed and frustrated. Nevertheless, its really more fun in the election here in Philippines. Okay, no more jokes. I just want a clear, honest, and peaceful election.

Google Doodle Celebrates Mother's Day With Awesome Animation To Create Design

If you are in great TROUBLE who is the first one do you call for help? Mother! Even with the soldiers, fighters, and great people, if they are in debt problem, pretty sure they would shouted "MOM!". 
Let me tell you a story, i remembered reading a story about a soldier wounded for a battle. In the hospital when he was given a treatment, he shouted and outcried with these beautiful phrase " Mom, help! ". Well, i guess, it never doubted its strong bond with our mothers, upon giving birth, and see the first real world. The first love one we will see is our Mother.

11 May 2013

Google I/O Extended Cagayan de Oro 2013: Register Now. Limited Slots.

Good News Developers in Cagayan de Oro! Google I/O Extended 2013 invades Cagayan de Oro. Light and Fast Talk @ Cleversoft, Inc., Located at 3/F Malagar Bldg., Upper Balulang. 

This awesome FREE event has been officially announced in Facebook CDO Information Technology Group by Josan Astrid Dometita and Vice President of Cleversoft Dan Pacquiao.What to Expect in this session?This is a way to build community and connect local talented developers. Participants also 'Required' to give a 10 minute presentation. Light and Fast talk. So expect great and talented developers out there as they share 10 minute of there works.
This is quite sad for me, because I am no longer into with Developing application. =(

Discover Great Forum Discussion With Moot - Free, Fast, and On-the-Go Script Forum

Almost everyday we talked and discussed with our friends, families, workmates and clients. Whether we like it or not, we are involved such kind of activity. Sometimes, we are not likely love to listen to our your boss, our mother, or our client. I hate to say this but i am NO of Speaking. Regardless to whom i am surround with but hanging up with friends could somehow gives me confident to share some insights. Well, it improves my mood and feelings indeed. While discussing could create more interesting learning and knowledge. It is important to know that discussing with great people improves vision, and goal.

10 May 2013

WD and Sandisk: Two Leaders of Drive Solutions Team UP to Create Innovative Drives

Ever heard of Western Digital and SanDisk? Probably YES! If case you are not, Western Digital or NASDAQ (American Stock Exchange short for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations): WDC company and is leader of storage industry and very popular with external hard drives and SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), leader in flash memory solutions. And i'm pretty sure, some of you used SanDisk.

These two companies now partner to create an innovative solid state hybrid drives.

2013 Box Office Hit: It takes A Man and A Woman

Philippine movies cater viewers in every genre. But what sell most are movies that touches the heart. A strong story that captivates us to what’s real, and at the end what matter is the lesson learned. Did it relates you?

It Takes A Man and A Woman is a sequel of the box office romantic-comedy movie hit A very Special Love and You Changed my Life, brought to life by Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz as the characters of Adelaida "Laida" Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro.  The movie evolved to both of them and how their love story started, grown and fell apart.

Laida was asked by Miggy’s brother to work for Flippage and negotiate a deal with the international media company that she was working for. Miggy was left with no choice as he was told in a surprise during Laida’s come back. As they professionally work together their drawn-out feelings for each other made it difficult for them to handle. The first scene sets in a light mood with lots of comedic lines thrown. Both were effective as we know they are good in doing so and their appealing connection is superb.

09 May 2013

Did Microsoft Steal Apple's Graphic User Interface ? Facts You MUST Know

Probably some of you might not able to know this fact especially to those who were born in the year 2000+. Unless stumbled otherwise to any tech sites, you certainly know that Microsoft stole Apple's GUI. If you are like me, which knows, Microsoft stole, as being claimed, Apple's Graphic User Interface(GUI). Well, it might be intriguing to note, this is actually comes from external sources. Does Bill Gates really stole Apple User Interface?

08 May 2013

Google Honors Graphic Designer & Film Maker Saul Bass Its 93rd Birthday With Presentation

Google Doodle Features Saul Bass with a Video Presentation
Today, Google never fail me to feel of their famous Google Doodle, in which, i learn and acquire basic knowledge.

Honestly, i did not know some of the Google Doodle being featured. Like at this moment, i am happy to know few events and people with Google Doodle.

07 May 2013

Will Iron Man and Hulk Have a 'BIG Part' in Avengers 2: Resurface 2015 ?

Who would forget the 3rd highest-grossing film of all time, The Avengers? This marvel group of heroes made a strong and positive impact to its viewers as it undoubtedly reached a gross of $1.51 billion worldwide. No wonder why rumors about its second sequel is getting hot as Kevin Feige the film producer and President of Production at Marvel Studios talked the plans for the Avengers 2.

Feige explained that The Avengers 2 is not about going bigger and exceeding people’s expectations or wanting to up the ante, since it can be attained in various ways, “Iron Man 3 is a very, very good test for us of doing exactly that”.

Five(5) People Selling illegal Globe WIMAX Modems Nabbed

Globe Telecom is now serious in dealing fraudster who operates illegal activity especially selling WIMAX modems one-time payment. With this, in coordination with, Globe Security Team, police personnel, & Anti-Fraud and Investigation Division conducted an entrapment operation.

Two (2) buy-bust operation had been conducted the first one was on  last April 15, 2013 wherein a certain person named Reynald Denapo of Dasmarinas, Cavite is involved and was caught offering Wimax for P3,500.00 amount. Second, Jose Narcida, from Moonwalk Village in Las Pinas City allegedly doing illegal activity(Buy and Sell).

06 May 2013

Is DataEntryJobs.us a Scam? Feel Free to See the Review

If you are staring 20/7 at your computer looking for a great opportunities online, often times, without even second thought, you will certainly join or register. This is probably due to the BADLY needs. Either for the school tuition, family expense or personal wants.

But sometimes those opportunities will eventually turned to frustration. You may able to pay some amount with the exchange of great service or job. This is what some scam sites do. They will persuaded you by their great lines of interesting statements. And even promises you with great pay. Will these kind of sites really exists?

05 May 2013

Top Site Reviews As of April 2013

Today, i will put all site reviews that have many views and interactions! In case you have missed it, you can review, recall, & revisit here.

Site reviews are very effective and  useful in some aspects too. It creates a greater view in users perspective. It builds knowledge and improves logical thinking to certain website.

This site devoted such processes of reviewing in order to give visitors a hint is to what they are going into. Without further ado, lets get started.

Now, I lists sites few days back being reviewed. Feel free to explore and

Why Do You Need To Shop Online With Globe Telecom?

Why Shop online?
There's a reason for everything. So if you have seen why it is really good to shop online, then probably there's something reason lies behind.

You need to take time and stare online for a valid reason.

The next time you will it probably on deals. Globe did persuading customers to shop instead. Why?

04 May 2013

Adf.ly Adds 2nd Pay Out: How Did I Do That ?

Recently, i am devoted into reviewing scam sites, what i really did not know that, surprisingly, i am able to cash out yet my 2nd pending(It will be sent to my on May 6, but i already did blogged post about it) payout with Adf.ly. In order to understand pretty well with this Adf.ly, i will give some brief and quick information.

Quite Simple Way to Earn Money With Shortening URLs
  • Adf.ly is now using SECURED HTTP(HTTPS) therefore, all information like password is being encrypted before it transmitted.
  • 100% FREE! No extra FEE unlike with some scam sites.
  • You can cash out as low as $5.
  • Supports Payoneer, PayPal or Liberty Reserve payment system.

Globe Postpaid Unbelievable Deals With Awesome Gadgets @ Selected Malls Nationwide

Today, Globe Telecom - Globe Postpaid unveiled its UNBELIEVABLE deals with great gadgets Samsung Galaxy S4 (LTE), awesome bundles(Samsung Galaxy Camera +, Samsung Galaxy Y Color Plus) with a shorter contract period(just Samsung Galaxy Y Color Plus).

Google Launched Local Election Portal in the Philippines

Google, leading search giant, unveiled its launching of Local Election portal to Philippine Election last May 02, 2013, Thursday.

Philippine both National and Local Election will be on May 13, 2013(RA 7166 Sec.2).

Why Google made this kind of move?

03 May 2013

Cherry Mobile Festival 2013: Exclusive Exhibit @ Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro City

 Its really more fun in the Philippines. Cherry Mobile had invaded Centrio Mall to give not only CHEAPEST Mobile but awesome surprises and games, it is really festival*. May 2 & 3 - Thursday and Friday finally the day ended with game crazes and surprises.For the information of everyone, its big time DISCOUNT run every 30 minutes. So in that minutes, you will enjoy BIG Discount with the selected items. Tomorrow, May 4 & 5(Saturday and Sunday), it is not every 30 minutes but Every Hour. With some selected Cherry Mobile phones, you can certainly choose cheapest one.

02 May 2013

World's First 5 mm 2.5-inch Western Digital Hard Drive in the Philippines

WD Blue 5mm Mobile HD
Imagine slim fit, storage capacity, innovation and high performance as Western Digital a company and world leader in storage and connected-life products launched the world’s first ultra-slim 2.5-inch 5mm hard drives and solid state hybrid drives (SSHD).

This new devices are designed for integration into the slimmest and space-constrained computing environments. WD Blue™ 5 mm ultra slim hard drives and WD Black™ SSHD are first in a family of high-performance and slim drives for ultra-portable devices featuring innovative mechanical designs and solid state hybrid drive technology.

Give Great Gifts on Mother's Day With GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay

Perhaps, the best love message i have ever seen.."I BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT"...Because I'VE BEEN LOVING MY MOTHER SINCE I OPENED MY EYES...

This is really quite more CUTE than those in relationships who constantly saying love quotes to each other.

Mother's day is coming fast here in the Philippines. When is exactly the date of Mother's Day? Have you already thought on buying great and perfect gifts to your mom?

The Man of Steel: Yet The Most Promising and Anticipating Movie of the Year 2013

Undoubtedly this fictional character is the most popular hero in ages. We've seen this man in different movie versions and consistently left us in awe. Although there are critical reviews in some previous sequel, but majority reached box office.

01 May 2013

Bored? Play Trivia Game On Web Instead! With this Trivia Script From IRC

Feeling blue? bored? nothing to do? Maybe you can try this exciting trivia game on your web or on your desktop.

This Trivia game script has been played for almost more than 10 years now. Starting from the creation of old boring text chat system, IRC (Internet Relay Chat). This script managed to give enjoyment to those chatters out there. Wait, this is a time-based game in which you should answer right away. With much more scoring points to achieve plus powerful scoring and top score system.

Google Celebrated Labor Day to its Google Doodle May 01, 2013

Image from Google Doodle, May 01, 2013
Work is no disgrace; the disgrace is idleness. ~ Greek proverb

Today, Google doodle featured "Labor Day", May 01, 2013 with its Cool Worker poster design. Things you would probably see and determine. You can see a person in her working with her laptop, a man sprinkles a plant, a painter, a helicopter, satellite, and an engineer.

What is Labor Day? Why it is called such declaration?