30 April 2013

MyPhone A919i Duo: Free App using MyPhone Live!

The new MyPhone A919i has loaded with MyPhone Live App! It looks pretty same with Play Store. Currently, as of this day, April 30, 2013, its price drops to incredibly 17.62% from Suggested Retail Price(SRP) of P9,590.00 to P7,900.00. What a great news for MyPhone fanatic users out there.

29 April 2013

Globe Labs and Voxeo Labs Successful Launching Voice API PH: Globe Labs Developer Day

It was a great event both for Globe Labs and Voxeo Labs, in the recently held last April 13, 2013 at Manila, Philippines with the "Globe Labs - Developer Days: Power Up With Voice" with the roared successfully launching of Google Labs' voice APIs in the Philippines.

Why StartYourPay.com Is A Scam and Fake? Reasons Not to Engage With This Site

A certain person posted this site in a certain Facebook group, i put a formal and friendly comment about his post, my purpose was not mere advertised my blog post or anything else but rather, in a good and honest way to educate with factors of evidence to contradict its post, yet i got some arrogant reply. How closed minded type of person.

Who am i to comment when in fact it is not applicable to me he suggested. But i answered, no to your wrong, it relates to all members here. And i don't wanna take chance to them to risk such kind of website. Still he insisted arrogantly. I understand, am i not right to suggest? to educate? to share? He added that if it is scam then there is no dealing of money of that site. Agree but quite doubtful.

Even if it does not deal with money, it could flag as fake and scam site, the reason is almost obvious, they will not pay you if you reached a certain threshold. Just because it does not deal with money, it does mean it is not a scam or fake site. This is quite hilarious. He even insulted me and boomeranged me with questions. He asked me if my binary system was not a fake also because it does deal money. Well, the heck i am join such networking site?

This post might be addressed to you, "Someone". A someone who will not concede your belief. Someone who are closed-minded type. Someone who doesn't take any suggestions. In fact, you should research first before you attempt to share your fake site.

No, i will let users to learn and differentiate what is scam or fake site.

28 April 2013

Yet Another FREE Online PDF Converter Tool to OFFICE: PPT, XLS, & DOC

Image From PDFConverter.com
If you are looking for a new and great another way to convert your PDF into different formats like .ppt, .doc,  and .xls via online. Yes, you can use it in your Browser.Of course, you need not to download and install. Thus, it is really VERY easy to USE.

This has been quite very useful in case you don't have converter installed in your system.

Farewell, Old, Boring One-Dimension Presentation: Prezi Online Zooming Presentation Tool

Looking for a new way to present your cool ideas? How about leading your audience to see and to amaze some kind of dynamic art of presentation? Want to captivate your audience?
Do you want to make awesome presentation? Do like collaborating with your Team with your presentation?

27 April 2013

Cash4Visits.com Reviews: Is it a SAFE or a SCAM Site ?

With today's technology realm, we are surrounded with thousands of websites. Each day has a NEW website created. Each day you will discover some new affiliate sites. Though some are very useful and safe sites, we cant deny the fact that more sites are fake and scams. Many websites a created each day with a unique and genuine design, and sometimes, you just accept it to be safe. Even if it has with many reviews for a certain site, it doesn't FULL guarantee of its legalities. In fact, some sites too provide legal papers just to convince users that is TRUSTED and SAFE.

How do you test if it is a safe or a fake site?

Globe Telecom 4G LTE-HSPA to Support Revenue Growth

To cater expected growth in mobile data usage, Globe Telecom rollouts its 4G LTE (long-term evolution) – HSPA + service, as this step supports revenue growth this year. 

No doubt, social networking has made an impact to the lives of many and as the demand grows for mobile data usage the bandwidth requirement is therefore directly affected.

Guide for the Perfect Facebook Image Post: Learn Great Tips From SalesForce

We can't argue that Facebook is a popular social media and is most used site ever. It perfectly made to share and engage with other people. With that, it became TOP social networking site with a total of Billion of users. Like most people uses Facebook to post their most of their feelings. Well, I was one of those people who regularly post the Facebook update.

However, if you are dealing with a business venture. I'm pretty sure, you actually are not putting some Love or Bitter quotes here but instead you are CONNECTING and ENGAGING your prospects and customers. Using Facebook can actually convert these statuses to a goal or value (For future customers and of course, earnings).

Yet, there are few mastered the basics ideal post in Facebook especially Facebook Images. So here, improve these posts, make it perfect posts and boost engagement to your customers.

How to make Perfect Facebook Image post?
This guide will help you a lot.

25 April 2013

Comprehensive Understanding about VPN: Why You Need To Use VPN?

Security? BIG word. Don’t we need security for as long as we live? We need this as much as we desire for food. This food is the information we humans are programmed to intake each day. We grow and we live with information. But there’s certain information that we just can’t share referred to as private, thus in need of security

 The internet is an abundant market susceptible to hacking and information stealing. We therefore need solution to this predicament. It is VPN. This article might enlighten you about VPNs as we go through.

Globe Launched the My Fair Share Eco-bag in 2013

Globe Telecom, a mobile and internet provider, gives support for a fair share - Eco Bag.  What is these Eco Bags? Eco-bags are made from recycled and biodegradable things with could enriched our lives advocating the caring of environment with its LESS-PLASTIC usage.

This year, Globe collaborated in the new My Fair Share Eco Bag design (2013) with Team Manila Graphic Design Studio. Produced by partner Gifts and Graces' beneficiary communities. By the way, for this year, eco-bags are more supported in societies: Kaibhan Women's Association, Pamana Pag-asa Boni Producers Cooperative and Caritas Manila.

♪ ♫ 96th Anniversary Birthday of Ella Fitzgerald Honored by Google Doodle

Do you know Ella Fitzgerald? Even though you are such into music realm, i guess - in my keen and simple mind you wont probably know her. And like me, i just noticed her when viewing Google. 

A jazz singer that had sold 40 million copies in her 70+ album, quite won 13 Grammy Awards, and was awarded by National Medal of Arts (Ronald Reagan) & Presidential Medal of Freedom(George W. Bush).

24 April 2013

HOW TO: Increase 20-40% Internet Speed Without Using Any Software

Who said do they want to have a slow internet connection? Perhaps no one, did you know that the Fastest Internet in World lies mostly in Asia?

According to Bloomberg: Top 10 Fastest Internet in the World, on their lists as of January 23, 2013, posted, the TOP 1 is the HONGKONG(average peak of 54.1 Megabits per Second), next to it is SOUTH KOREA, then no.3 JAPAN. Now, how about in my country the Philippines? Sadly, it did not come to top 20. Honestly, slow and very expensive, though.

See another post also: World's Fastest Internet @ 120GB/s

Now, this blog post purposely shares a simple yet great tip  and trick to increase and improve for 20-40% connection speed, oh yes, without even using some applications especially premium software. Of course, I tried and experimented it and it works like a charm!

22 April 2013

Inspirational Story of Hard Work: How Globe Telecom Put Up Business to a Barber

At some of point of time, we really feel hopeless, we feel life is so unfair -- and it is really tiring thing to imagine. The moment you feel it, it became a nightmare. However for some, this might be the element to further work hard. This serves as the inspirational feeling to persevere!

How do you cope your hopeless moments?

Interactively Celebrate Google Doodle 43rd Earth Day

Google does not stop featuring events and place. This time alone, Google has an interactive animation with its support of Earth Day. This amazing animation has its day and night cycle, not to mention, it can create rains whenever you click the clouds. If you continue to watch the show, the leaves of the trees will fall, it has drought season, moon changes every other day, flowers blooming, and fishes around the G (swamp design).

21 April 2013

Capture Special Moments with Samsung Smart Camera NX300 20.3MP

In this TECHY generation gadgets in all sorts are keeping up to our needs and wants. This classy baby is indeed made to cater that. Who would not buy a camera like no other than SAMSUNG SMART NX300?

A camera surely loved by professionals but made for enthusiasts. Here’s the review you must know.

19 April 2013

Globe Telecom Bags the Most Innovative Telecom Project Award - Globe mySUPERPLAN Postpaid

Globe Telecom, leading mobile and internet provider company in the Philippines, hails the Most Innovative Telecom Project Award - Globe Telecom's My Super Plan, in the 16th Telecom Asia Awards 2013.  Well, congratulations to Globe Telecom!

17 April 2013

Globe Telecom Partners South Korea's SK Telecom To Sustain Global Leadership in LTE Roaming Service

Tourists will now enjoy with fast and efficient access to do such multi-tasking in Globe's LTE areas in the Country. Empowering them to be productive while staying the country and connecting them with their friends and relatives from South Korea.

Perhaps, this is not only better approach for the tourists but also for the mere Filipinos out there.

16 April 2013

15 April 2013

14 April 2013

Successful Tsada.me 1st Grand Eyeball April 13, 2013 - Great Fun Experience

"Tsada". if you utter such word, they will perhaps know that you are from Cagayan de Oro city.(City of Golden Friendship. But now purple?)

Pretty sure, those people hear TSADA for the first time would wonder, baffle, then boom, never mind, at the back of their head, they would probably say - where the heck are you came from? Anyways, though, Kagayanons(Cagayan de Oro) belongs in the Bisaya Vernacular, this word is very unique in the city. Why? I don't know why. What I surely know is, TSADA!

13 April 2013

12 April 2013

49% of Subscribers From Other Networks Switch to Globe Telecom

In the latest Globe press release(PR),  Globe had successfully attracted of 49% subscribers from other networks to its services. It is quite a good news indeed for Globe Telecom. In their last year's financial performance (2012), the company growing increase of its BASE and showed that Globe services – Mobile and Broadband – grew across all the market which attracted to subscribers.

11 April 2013

[Solved] HOW TO: Download and Save Slideshare Presentations That is Disabled by the Author?

If you stumbled on SlideShare website, I'm pretty sure you'll get fascinated with some eye-catching title and presentation. Well, if you are like me, then you might want to download and save it to your desktop instead. It's a good way to view though but the problem here is NOT all presentations were available to download this is because of the author set those presentations to disable it.

10 April 2013

Globe Telecom Actively Full Supports in Active Citizenship - Project Citizen

Mobile Network and Internet Service Provider (ISP) - Globe Telecom, gives FULL support in participation in Public Policy Formulation among Youth and Students in the society. Their aim is to train youth to be responsible and politically literate.

Globe Telecom Supported Project Citizen. What is Project Citizen by the way?

08 April 2013

07 April 2013

Experience Weak Signal and Low Internet Connection? Probably because of ILLEGAL Repeaters

There are many factors to consider weak signal or slow internet connection. One of those that will be discussed here is the USE of Illegal Repeaters.

What is Repeaters by the way? And how it interferes the signal among customer?

You Can Now Open New Private Browsing Window Without Closing Current Window in New Firefox

For Firefox users, this is quite good news. Perhaps, i should say as a Chrome User, this version gives me a good impression. Now, you can open a new PRIVATE window without interrupting your current browsing session. This is indeed impressive and fantastic feature.

DOLE: Pay Rules of National Regular Holiday: Araw ng Kagitingan April 09 Philippines

Araw ng Katingan is a historic and regular holiday in the Philippines. It was at the dawn of April 9, 1942 when the commander of the Luzon Force in Bataan, Major General Edward P. King, Jr. surrendered to Japanese troops. And it endures the infamous mile marching - Bataan Death March to Camp O' Donnellin Capas, Tarlac.

Araw ng Kagitingan is also known as Bataan Day, or Bataan and Corregidor Day and its a Filipino version of Day of Valor. It was promulgated on Executive Order 203 of 1987 (PROVIDING A LIST OF REGULAR HOLIDAYS AND SPECIAL DAYS TO BE OBSERVED THROUGHOUT THE PHILIPPINES AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES), in the observance to honor valor of Filipinos during World War II.

06 April 2013

La Sallian Engineer Inspirational Speech at UP College of Engineering

INSPIRATIONAL Speech: It took me surprised yet inspired when i read this inspirational speech from a once-a-failure-student. Yes, he got many points to consider. I mean Graduation ceremonies are not for those awards achieved, not for the honors with schools but to EVERYONE(has failed grades)who deserves to walk at the stage. It may be way back few years, but i still want to put it here. So that more students will be inspire!

05 April 2013

How did this Graduation Photo Went Viral and Inspired Thousands of Filipinos?

"We are Graduates, young and hopeful". As this beautiful song lyric goes by, it was when I wore a toga and walked at the stage to receive a reward — parents were overjoyed (oh yes, my graduation) in my high school days. 

Graduates are really hopeful young ones especially on their dreams and goals in life. Likewise, Graduation is NOT the end but it is the beginning of the real life. 

'Shorty Awards' Announced Annual Finalists Worldwide Includes Globe @Talk2Globe

Did you know that Globe Telecom is a finalists in the BEST Use of Social Media for Customer Service Category ? Globe Telecom is one of the shortlisted companies to win TOP Awards by The Shorty Awards in which held annually and globally.

If there's Oscars Awards in the Hollywood, there is also Oscars For Twitter!

04 April 2013

Top 5 Valid Reasons Why Pay4Users Is A SCAM

With the advent of online great opportunities, sometimes, we fail to realize that engaging such activities, events or processes made us tend to believe that it is really 100% true -- that we can earn $1000 in a week by doing and following what is being instructed, believed that it is a trusted and so on and so forth. Thus, we strongly assumed that it is really a legitimate to earn such big amount of money in a just a week. COOL but the sad part is How? That's the problem because at the first place we fall in the trap thinking that it might be worth a good try. Thus, we cannot tell and compare if it is really TRUE or SCAM.

There were many people who were gifted in Marketing strategies, bind with flowery words and persuading personalities hence they can captured your sense, feeling and taste. Which resulted to, probably worse scenario, you think "this is it", grasping your hand for excitement, however, it is not what really is opt to be-- you are just blinded with the huge money it offers and it blocks your logical and critical thinking to comprehend that a certain service or product is TRUE enough or NOT. Perhaps for some companies it would be seem TRUE, but here i will put information why you need not to register or stop the heck activity with this PAY4USERS.

03 April 2013

02 April 2013

Google Pay Tribute To 366th Birth Anniversary of Maria Sibylla Merian in Their Homepage

Enough with Google's April Fools, Today Google honored Maria Sibylla Merian with her 366th  Birth Anniversary. Who is Maria Sibylla Merian? To be honest, this is my first time to see and hear her name. With some research, i found some interesting about her.

Getting to Know the Thunderbolt Cable

Today’s technology is developing at breakneck speeds.  Almost every month, something new is introduced to the market.  Computer manufacturers and companies have been on a race to be the first to introduce new technologies to offer increasingly discriminating consumers. This is very evident with the different models of laptops, computers, tablet PCs, and even mobile phones being introduced every month. Manufacturers are hoping that flashier stuff would entice the market to let go of their cash.

01 April 2013

April Fool's Day: Where Did It Originated From?

I won billions of prizes in lottery draw! Look, I flew like a superman! Wow, Free ride with my Lamborgini ? Well, obviously these were impossibly not true...it is a BIG LIE,... and someone like you cannot be fooled like these.In addition, this be maybe worst and impossible, IM PREGNANT! Nah, Today is really April FOOLS Day! Bit of advice, don't trust anyone...just dont..anyways...

Now, while you are seeing this kind of humor and foolishness, did you know where it came from?