31 March 2013

Blog Exposed: Highlights for the first quarter of 2013

The First Quarter of the year 2013 has finally come to an end, but it begins yet another milestone to me. The journey to across online borders will be beyond success with equipped with hard work and hardship. At first, I was a bit surprised to re-evaluating things. Thank God, I am blessed even if it is small.

Part of blogging that i have learned so far are the endurance and the patience. To be honest, i came to a point that i wanted to give up blogging.  But there's that thing that motivates me, that something that inspires me that burns up my feeling to continue blogging. Life is so unfair, indeed. And that moment when i felt such made inspiration for me to write. On the other side of the story, at some point, life is what you actually make it. Blogging is one of my paths to fulfillment. ^_^

30 March 2013

HOW TO: Change Facebook Relationship Status Without Noticing Friends?

In older times, when we engage our relationship with the other half, we used phones or we personally broadcasts them with the latest news about our relationship to our love one. Time changes rapidly, in fact, in these days, we used Facebook to show to public that we are happily in relationship. That's good news then, however, there is a slight problem. What if we broke up? Sometimes, we tend not to change our Facebook relationship statuses and just hide instead for some valid reasons.

Now, how can we change our Facebook Relationship Status Without Noticing friends? Simple.

Hadouken Meme Sparks Popularity Over Internet

In case you are wondering what is Hadouken meant, its time to reveal some facts about it. Now, if you are a gamer, you probably familiar with this special skill. If not you will not more appreciate it, though, nevermind.

Hadouken was first became popular in the Street Fighter game that Takashi Nishiyama created it. However, the origin of it was in a missile called hadouho and was first credited with the 1970s anime Space Batteship Yamato.

Literally, Hadouken meant to be wave motion fist or surge fist, in which Street Fighter's characters, most commonly known to use as special skill with Ken, Ryu, and Akuma.

29 March 2013

First Google Adsense Cashout for the Year 2013

Do you want to win a lottery ? Well, the first step is to BUY Ticket. But wait, there's a little chance of winning. If you will ask a statistician, they would answer you the probability to win is 1/10million+. Good thing, we will not here to compute on how to win the lotto, but we are here to know how to earn with hard work.  Here, though it also has a small chance to get paid, yet striving it with hard work will somehow and at the proper time... you will earn your great labor.

Aimp: Awesome & Free Music Player [Review]

As the fact quotes goes "Listening to music while working helps create a more positive mood, and can help you to become more productive." Admit it, you are a so-called music lover...In fact, everyday we listen MP3s in our desktop, laptop, netbook, tab, and even smartphone in most all cases. Whether it give us the strengths, inspirations and good memories, while we listen, we feel better ....and it creates optimism towards our work. Thus, we are more productive in our what-doings. 

Now, in our desktop computer there's already a music player...but sometimes it does not give us the pleasure...i just don't know for you...yet for me, it lacks some features..and it is slow. (wait i am talking to Windows media player).

Though, there are lots of Free music player out there, i begin to experiment, to test and to feel more convenient and comfortable player. Good thing, i have this kind of player...and i would thank my friend for giving this information..

28 March 2013

Researchers & Scientists Created Harry Potter Like Invisibility Cloak

Looks like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak is real. To review, Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling was first published in 1997. Until 2006, a new set of research about Potter-like Invisibility cloak was first reported on 2006 by Duke University Electrical Engineers. Does the engineers made Harry Potter's invisibility cloak its inspiration?

However, in that research is not yet perfect. The members is now developing a new design. In fact a certain researchers from Austin at the University of Texas Created a super thin invisibility cloak. And the world of humanity will be more like in the Wizard World of Harry Potter.

Watch 'The Wolverine' Trailer: Logan is Vulnerable for the First Time

"When at his Most Vulnerable, he is most Dangerous."
A certain man that once saved by Wolverine will take his regeneration ability and make him a mortal again. This upcoming American movie for 2013, The Wolverine, which played the role by Hugh Jackman and it is based on 1982 limited series of Wolverine.

27 March 2013

Why Do We Experienced Call Problems? Call Cutters By Globe Telecom Explained.

Calls nowadays are very important -- it is part of our individual lives. It connects both individuals for the purpose of achieving its goal, probably for the business transactions or simply to greet HIs and HELLOs. However, no one is exempted for various call problems. And sometimes the awkward moment when we need it most, then suddenly a problem aroused. Now, do you know why it has some call problems? Take a good glance with this video hosted by Bianca Gonzales. The video explains why there are some interference during calls, how subscribers connect to another user and how a end-users drop calls.

25 March 2013

22 March 2013

Complete Lists: Facebook Shortcut Keys Cheatsheet

Facebook tops in terms of usage around the world. With millions of users interact everyday. We often tend to expend our so-called "wasted time" doing social networking stuffs in Facebook. Okay, there is good and bad side in using Facebook but you are the sole one responsible for that. Moreover, we all know however that Facebook has become part of every person's life, and business. Some people earned, some for pleasure and some for expending boring times. If you are one of those people who expend quality time using the benefits of Facebook, then GOOD!

Thus, being one of the POWER users, we must know some shortcut keys to be easier and more convenient to use.

Globe Telecom Supports "No Impact Week"

We should take care of our Mother Earth or else we will die from devastation, hunger, poison and drought. And i don't want it to happen someday. I can't even afford to imagine such disaster. To help Mother Earth, one little step to participate and join the cause in which some companies including Globe Telecom - one of the leading telecommunications in the Philippines initiated.

To start with:

21 March 2013

How is SMS Being Sent and Received?

"K". One Character but it creates thousands of rage reaction. How would you feel if you exert effort to compose one(1) paragraph message and just received a one(1) letter - K? I'm pretty sure you get upset. Now, with this video, that someone who used to reply "K" probably shy to reply. Nah, if they really don't like the person, they always like that. About the video, i am Not sure if it can 100% effective to change the person but sure fact is, it is FUNNY yet COMPELLING.

Google Keep: Saves What's On Your Mind

Be Organized, they said. With everyday works, we really need to put all tasks, schedules and notes in a certain piece of saving notes like notebook. Not only that, when we see or hear some interesting stories, we tend to like to save it but yet cannot do so. Ideas however really need to save it. Some of us use sticky notes in PC, Laptop or Notebook, some also save using Post-it stickers.

Now, this is really great move for Google why?

19 March 2013

18 March 2013

17 March 2013

4 Key Points: Why I Love Samsung Galaxy S4

As the slogan goes: Samsung Galaxy S4 Life companion.
"As a real life companion, the new Samsung GALAXY S4 helps bring
us closer and captures those fun moments when we are together.
Each feature was designed to simplify our daily lives.
Furthermore, it cares enough to monitor our health and well-being.
To put it simply, the Samsung GALAXY S4 is there for you."
 And yes, it made me start to like this kind of smartphone. Why?

16 March 2013

Upload and Create Photo Slideshow on Youtube!

At least not only videos can Youtube renders service, it could create out of photos. Well, this is quite very useful especially on some memorable occasions like Graduations. There are lot students now who graduated in there school that may be on college, high school, or even lower level like elementary or kindergarten.

That fact, could give you more efficient on handling slideshows that can instantly viewed by those people who wish could see.

Now, how could you create photo slideshow on Youtube?

15 March 2013

I Am Part of the Globe 0917 Bloggers Group

What's with this group Globe 0917 Bloggers by the way? This is very first time that someone have contacted about  me with this group and it was a bit surprise yet happy part of me, well, at least, the first time, someone from a local company directly invited me to join to its group, the so-called GLOBE  0917 Bloggers. What does it contribute to society?

08 March 2013

Cool Movies in Summer 2013

Summer time is fast approaching, are you ready to gear up swimming clothes ? Nah, i just want to stay at home and watch awesome movies.

Well, if you spend your summer vacation at home these movies will certainly delight your mood.

Successful Tips To Get Approved With Google Adsense Account

While some bloggers, webmasters, and publishers frustrated in acquiring Google Adsense account, still there were few lucky people out there enjoying the benefit that Adsense gives. Why is it so hard to get an account in Adsense? Why is Google Adsense is very strict nowadays? Perhaps, these might be yelling question in your mind. But just like i have said, there are lot of bloggers already acquired Adsense account. And I'm one of those, and i am enjoying the earnings i get even though it is relatively small amount.

Here, I wanna share to you some successful tips to get approved in Google Adsense.

07 March 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100: Is it a Phone or Is it a Camera?

At first glance, i really like its design plus with its lens 3 layers i nodded to approve its a camera but i doubted when i saw some android apps with its interface. Yes, i would have guess its a Galaxy series. Now, im confused if it is really a phone or a camera. But its name simply tells me its really a camera but at the second thought, you might guess it a phone.

04 March 2013

Sun Cellular Unveils New Android App - Sun TAP

If you are a traveler and a Sun Cellular user, then you will surely love this news. Sun Cellular launched its new Android app to give tourists' guide in different travel place in the Philippines. Is it really Good? Now, Sun Cellular, part of PLDT group, unveiled app called Sun Tourist Assistance Portal or "Sun Tap".

Google Doodle 81st Birthday Anniversary of Miriam Makeba

"While Singing can help you avoid depression and anxiety, singing in the shower everyday can also help boost your immunity, reduce your stress, lower your blood pressure and improve your mood. To all music lovers and singers out there, Congrats! In connection with singers, Google featured a singer from africa. Who is this singer?

03 March 2013

Youtube's Harlem Shake Craze

Will Harlem Shake dance overtakes Gangnam Style? Who knows. But being featured in many sites including the Worlds Largest Video Sharing Site - Youtube. It can possibly that Harlem Shake beats Gangnam Style.

Youtube developers have this kind of sense of humor with compliment with the Harlem Shake. To witness and experience Harlem Shake with Youtube, then follow these steps.

02 March 2013

The First Globe Telecom iPhone App - GMESSAGE

Would it be better if you are in Foreign Country and can still send text messages to your love ones in different places in the world using with the same application in your iphone? Not only that you can receive and send videos, mp3s, & photos to feel it more attractive and interactive.

Introducing the First-of-its-kind INSTANT Messaging application by Globe Telecom.