24 February 2013

DIY: Improve and Boost USB Modem Signal - Parabolic Satellite Dish

Do you have unstable signal connection in your area? Or do you have least signal bar in your dashboard? Does it made you frustrated with your LOW Signal USB Modem Signal? I am sure it does! Now, if you are one of those frustrated users(including me) of any USB Modem from different networks, then this Do-It-Yourself(DIY) Instructions can help your USB Modem Signal improve and boost connection.

23 February 2013

Earn Money with Comments - Disqus Promoted Discovery

Can comments earn you money for it? How does it possible? With so much earning money ways to achieve here on internet from blogging, affiliates, online jobs, clicking ads etc.Even with comments you can too earn money! Disqus known for the commenting platform system which offered great engaging community for both reader and writer, not only that, it gives revenue to publishers and potential traffic to marketers.

Question: How to earn money with comments? If you are using disqus platform, then it is relatively simple.

22 February 2013

Smart Now Upgrades Up to 4X More Fiber Power!

Smart's giving 4 times fiber optic power than any network. Million of Calls, Billions of Messages,Trillions of Data, it have to depend on the FIBER optics. Fiber Optics is not new however but technology gradually changing at fast rate and is really need to adopt new technology -- the fiber optic technology.

21 February 2013

Animated Scroll Fade + Opacity Hover Sidebar Widget

Perhaps, the most important part in blogging is to get more visitors engaged on your blog post because without the readers, your posts are just useless --well it depends if you don't want visitors to read your blog posts. While having visitors are very difficult to achieve sharing widgets from social media have become important piece in the process of interaction and engagement between the writers and the visitors. With the help of these sharing social media widgets, publishers can be able to optimize its article thus potentially be reached to readers. That is why there are many websites offered FREE services to publishers or website developers to give bridge on the publishers and the visitors.

So with that in mind, now, this widget will help you get potential visitors in your blog posts. Why? Imagine when you read article downwards then you see a widget and at the same time you like that article. You just click LIKE button there, or if not you opt to share it. When they share something, it will broadcast in their profile, and it creates potential for gathering more visitors in your blog. Now, lets get started.

20 February 2013

First Bionic Arm That Has Sense of Feeling

Is it the era of robotics wherein robots will lead the humans into devastation or in peace and order maybe? Hope for the goodness on each and everyone. More likely seen and read in some sci-fi magazine, but technology has never been out-dated and it continues to innovate useful gadgets/inventions that will help humans to do work easier or to substitute human parts into some bionic gadgets. Now, in the field of medicine, technology has a greater impact on the lives on the humans and other living things. 

Now we are really in the period of robotics(new technology that will change the world of prosthetics).

HOW TO: Remove Facebook Recommendation Box's Border?

Facebook Recommendation plugin has been proven to increase page views and boost site's activity between visitors and site/blog. It is Fair enough to use it without any modification on its code. Sometimes you still want to edit some design (color, size, font etc.) now here comes the CSS Trick.

And most website owners wanted to remove the border in the Facebook Recommendation Box. How?

19 February 2013

Is February 25, 2013 Special Non-Working Holiday PH?

Perhaps, February 25, 2013, marked red on some calendars, and I must say, it is a holiday(maybe special holiday for school only why??). With a great happy feeling and mind, I'm so excited to that day, because I can rest or unwind for that day. However, February 25 is a special holiday for all schools(Only) nationwide. What does it mean?

18 February 2013

17 February 2013

Free Samsung Nari e2230 With Smart Postpaid Unli Plan 599

Calling and texting is now important in our cycle of life these days. A reasonably cheap and easy access have proven to be more effective.

While cheap is the issue here, Smart has Postpaid UNLI plan 599 both unlimited calls and texts. Not only those unlimited services, but you can also get free Samsung Nari e2230 phone.

Support: No To CISPA, Yes to Internet Freedom!

Not again! Support NO to CISPA! CISPA(Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is a new proposed law in US (a Law that may have the same content in SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act). The said law shall share information between US government and companies.

So your browsing activity will be shared to the US government and corporations to check and to help them investigate cyber threats. Is is fair for the mere users? How about privacy? Confidentiality? Civil rights and liberties?

That is why i don't support this proposed law as same with SOPA and PIPA.

16 February 2013

Meet Nokia Lumia 820 That Made Nokia Enters the SmartPhone Competitions

Smartphone has been widely used today and it dramatically increases in number fast. The fact of the mobility of smartphone, many users should rather choose this than bringing their own PC. Nokia comes back on track when its Lumia Series. Yes, from its major competitors Apple and Samsung, Nokia now performs on great innovation of its smart phone series.

Is Nokia now beats the two leading giants in smartphone industry?

15 February 2013

13 February 2013

First 500,000 members to register in LinkedIN Philippines!

Congratulations to me! Well, its been awhile when LinkedIn emailed me as the First 500,000 members to register in the Philippines. Now, they sent me again and I am happy because LinkedIn, the world's largest professional social media network, congratulated me though just e-mail. Much appreciated, indeed. :)

Gladly, This Blog Hits First Million Pageviews!

At last, with an extended period of posting, this blog has reached 1,000,000 page views. And I am so humbly happy to see this, you know, as a newbie in the blogging world, this page views might harder to attain/achieve that mostly depend on organic searches. Well, I wish it will convert to cash, but it is impossible.

There are few things I wanna talk about. Wanna read it? Nah, I'm sure it gets annoying as goes by. Anyways.. here it goes...

Improve Your Day at Work: Establish a Morning Routine

Do you often forget to bring important things at the office? Are you irritable and impatient when dealing with subordinates or coworkers? Does the first hour of your working days begin with anticipating how awful your day might become? These might be a sign of unhealthy working routine.

What people don’t often realize is that an unproductive work day usually starts from the unorganized morning routine at home.

12 February 2013

11 February 2013

Change Default Text Selection Color in CSS

When you copy a certain phrase, word, or paragraph to paste it in other destination, you will notice the  HIGHLIGHT color. Yes, you have guessed it, when you highlight it, it has a Background color of blue, and a color of white on text

Now, if you are tired of seeing that color, you change change it in CSS.

10 February 2013

09 February 2013

TM: Combo 15 + 1 Day Extend @ P5

Hello Ka-Republika ng TM! Before that, i am not from TM,  i am not affiliate with them, I am merely a blogger, a simple blogger, yet funny one sometimes :D. Good news to TM subscribers! (well, i should say, congrats me because i am a TM  subscriber. Because it is cheaper!)

Now, TM Subscribers will enjoy 1 day extend of the promo with just five (5) pesos?

07 February 2013

3 Online Marketing Mistakes That Make Your Campaigns a Complete Flop

Do you have a company website?

Nowadays, asking this question might not be necessary – everyone just expects all businesses on the planet to be found in Google. Fair enough because most of them are. But does being online make a difference to your business?

If not then you should just go clean your scrolling LED sign and sweep the floor in your brick and mortar store. But kidding aside, I’d just like to let you know that you might be committing any one of these online marketing mistakes that I’ve listed below.

Disney's: Find Your Way To OZ Chrome Experiment

Not just in cinemas, movies, and animations that Disney brought. Now, they are on Browser Technology too. With Disney's Find Your Way To OZ, we shall take a journey, yes an interactive and fun journey, through a Kansas circus and lead to Land of OZ.

Find Your Way To OZ was inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful, an upcoming fantasy and adventure film which is inspired too by 1900 novel The Wonder Wizard of Oz.

Now, we will now take the journey.

06 February 2013

[Fixed] Couldn't Load Plug-ins in Google Chrome

What happen to my Google Chrome!? Sounds familiar, after all you get frustrated on this crazy stuffs. To figure out one-time solution, you Google it right ? You look, you search for the answers. Okay, we have the same path to take. When i was about to visit one video in Youtube, it just displayed: Couldn't load plugins... ohh why? and why not IE?

Need solution? Here's my experience and solution.

Google Doodle Features Mary Leakey

Hola! This is my First post about Google Doodle for year 2013, oh, i dont blame myself to write this in February. The truth is i am only updated in widely known some people, events, places etc. 

There are really lots of Google Doodle but it is on a specific region only. So now, Google Features Mary Leakey on their site.

Who is Mary Leakey ?

05 February 2013

04 February 2013

HOW TO: Fix Flash Player Shockwave Crash on Google Chrome?

It is really more exciting when you have something to view on Youtube or it might be funnier if you are keen to play with your favorite web games, and then suddenly, an error has occurred in your Chrome browser. 

How does it feels? You scream? You f*** up? You curse? Yes, you sometimes do it but whatever it is,you already have a bad time and thought of your system too lame. maybe? :)

03 February 2013

01 February 2013