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27 January 2013

HOW TO: Tag People, Pages, and Groups in Facebook?

This may be sound dumb and stupid. But you know, as quotes goes, It’s better to ask questions than to know all the answers. Sorry need to ask something here. Just one...Well it is not really serious and important. 

Now, how to tag friend's name, pages, and group? No no no, you're laughing at me. Yeah i'm 'that' stupid. Oh wait! At least i am being helpful to some probably. :P

Perhaps, you already know this, however, somewhere out there... there are still some who look for answers on how to achieve this.

Simple Conversion Image File to PDF File

 It is really my burden to put some images to pdf file format. Added to that it consumed more disk size on the drive. The thing is, i just wanna convert image file (JPG) to PDF format with less file size added on the converted form. How do you do that? Perhaps, you will use Adobe Acrobat, and it is a great choice!

However, there is slight problem.

26 January 2013

Increase Traffic, Gain More Visitor Using Reddit

Recently, i bought my first domain and i never thought i bought it in the 1st place... but later, i realized it is worthy. That Website  rather made me enjoy, and it tackles mostly on interesting, cool, and funny facts.

And if you are wondering why i used amabzing instead of amazing because i really was called and known to be 'Mabz'. So that was a kind bit history. Anyways, lets go back to the right track.

How can i increase traffic using reddit?

HOW TO: Reset Windows Admin Password?

Have you ever been experienced inputting Administrator password and all passwords were incorrect? Or if not, you need to access the admin user to perform maintenance diagnostics, but they didn't give you the password? Well, if you are willing to access the administrator with a password, you can do it by resetting it or if not removing it instead.

Multi-Task Slows Productivity, New Study Shows

Are you a multi-tasker? I bet you are! If No, then you are safe --i doubt, however, if your answer is yes, then you may have a dangerous situation, according to a new study findings. 

Since we are almost do multi-tasked in our everyday lives especially on work, maybe it is time to read this study. In a blog post in LiveScience, Yahoo, it says that those people who do multitask almost all the time cannot boosts productivity and lowers performance.

23 January 2013

How Mars Rover 'Curiosity' Got Its Name?

While the curiosity of human beings are beyond and high, scientists and engineers really investigate the neighboring planet - yes, the Red Planet: Mars whether life could exist there.

And NASA's one of the most ambitious mission is to explore mars with the help of robotic spacecraft rover named Curiosity.

How NASA got that Curiosity named-rover?

22 January 2013

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16 January 2013

Arrange Your Desktop - Like A Boss With Stardock Fences!

Some say "Boys have an organized desktop than girls". For girls, do you agree with this quote? Of course, you are very an organize type, you will prove me wrong. As for me, it will be a lil bit bias and its is true at some point. Because, SOME girls dont really care about their desktop icons...probably lazy enough to rearrange the icons in their desktop. Well, if you are looking a cool software that will help your desktop style problem, maybe it will help you this.

12 January 2013

Tropical Depression - Bising: 2nd Tropical Depression This Year

For this month of January, Philippines already had a 2 Tropical Cyclone for this year 2013. The naming scheme of this cyclone reset back to letter "A" for the new year which named next depression  alphabetically. Tropical Depression, Bising, second cyclone to hit Philippine territory -- Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) this month and expected to experience more typhoon.

10 January 2013

Free Cokes For the Hugs Exchange - "HUG ME" Coca Cola Machine

Hug is one of the best ways to comfort someone's grief or sadness. It is a sign of support, comfort and relief.   Luckily, hugging someone will make the body releases a so-called Oxytocin (sometimes called "Love Hormone"). Oxytocin is a powerful hormone. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. When two person hug the oxytocin level will rises up. However, at National University of Singapore - when you hug with your wide arms around the machine, you will have a free bottle of coke.

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