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26 October 2012

Find, Preview, Organize, Install, and Your Fonts

Designer? or merely a user who loves to use cool fonts? Either way around it feels great if you are using cool fonts right? But wait, sometimes it gets annoying if you have plenty of Fonts from choosing, installing and deleting -- well it takes time and it needs plenty of patience doing that. So the solution? Find a Font Manager that will let you do work more efficiently.

AstigTXT: Free Unlimited SMS PC To Mobile

There are times that you are out of load, expired unlimited SMS, and what is more hurting is that you are too far away to the loader especially you are in an emergency. Well, its a bad luck to you. However, if you have an internet connection, there is a feeling of ease. Yes, there is a number of ways to text someone on their mobile number. In my post here you will now some free service that offers FREE SMS.

24 October 2012

20 October 2012

Response To Rumor Exploit In DragonBound Game

Its a normal and busy day for me until at some point(got bored and need to unwind) I managed to open my account in DragonBound to see some changes and improvements of the shooting game along with putting my review url link about DragonBound to increase page views and to share information about DragonBound.

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