30 June 2012

29 June 2012

28 June 2012

Google Unveils Nexus 7 Tablet

In Google I/O Conference, Google announced and unveiled Google Nexus 7 tablet. By the way, what is Google I/O ? Google I/O (which started last 2008 its been 4 years since then and can by Innovation in the Open or simply Google Developer Day ) is an annual conference for the Google developers that focus on highly technical features on building web,mobile and enterprise applications.

27 June 2012

HOW TO: Display Author Data in Web Results

Steps on How to Display the Author's Image in Google Search. The author information displayed in search results was part of the google's great feature - Google Authorship. Google Authorship helps blogger/author to display their information in search results to help the users to explore and discover great content and it adds credibility of the author.

26 June 2012

HOW TO: RESIZE Partition in Windows 7

Have you ever been asked to yourself on how to resize your C: drive? I might guess, you really want to resize because of the thought it is a necessary especially on adding some bytes(GB) so that you can install some softwares or perhaps it will optimize and perform faster.  On windows, theres a utility called Disk Management - that can use to change drive letters, shrink partitions, format drives and other disk management tasks. However, it has a limitation and when it comes to optimizing the performance and perfect resizing partition -- theres a freeware for that and of course, it is more likely a commercial one.

23 June 2012

22 June 2012

21 June 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet: A Quick Look

When was the last time Microsoft launched their Windows? The rise of Windows was on the mid 80s after its MS-DOS with its founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen. And that era, Microsoft was known as the largest Software Corporation in the world. But did you know that after with its Windows OS, it came from the UNIX and it is called XENIX?

20 June 2012

Globe Tattoo Unlimited is a Fake

You are here because of some factors: First, you are interested to find out if it is true or not. Secondly, you are a Globe User. Third, if you are not availing Globe Promos, maybe you want to find out some information about Unlimited Connection of Globe Tattoo. And finally, you are here because you are bored. =P

17 June 2012

Google: Happy Fathers Day 2012 Homepage

Google's Homepage supports the celebration of Father's day. Google always does changing logo when a famous person's birthday or died on that same day.

However, this day, Google's Father's day special in their homepage supports the celebration of all Fathers out there. However, some countries dont recognized officially and varies the event on this day as a Father's day.

Samsung Champ C3303K Apps

Are you searching for Free Samsung Champ application? You are maybe in the right place. =P . Below here were apps might be useful for you. Give it a try, at least you do. Samsung Champ C3303K Apps. Download free java apps for Samsung Champ C3303K. These are some Java application that you can try.

16 June 2012

15 June 2012

HOW TO: Modify, Add, View EXE Files

Why do we have to modify .exe? Sometimes, you are curious enough and at some point you are planning to view the EXE files and sometimes, if what your thinking twist, you want to modify it. Probably, because you want to change the title in the window. Even if you are  not programmer/techy person, you can still do it using Resource Hacker Tool. However, for a normal user, it doesnt mind about EXE files. :)

[Solved] How to Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter T13 Printer?

Waste Ink pad error is a situation when the printer has reached a condition where the waste pad are full. Epson Printers track on how much ink it has dumped absorbent pads in the printer's base. Thus, it shows a error prompt message to user "Parts Inside your Printer Has Reached The End Of Its Service Life" once full.  For that the user needs to reset the Waste Ink Pad Counter of the Printer.

14 June 2012

13 June 2012

12 June 2012

Twitter History Logo

Twitter: “Starting today you’ll begin to notice a simplified Twitter bird. From now on, this bird will be the universally recognizable symbol of Twitter. (Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter.) There’s no longer a need for text, bubbled typefaces, or a lowercase “t” to represent Twitter.”

09 June 2012

02 June 2012

01 June 2012