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Facebook Messenger Leaks Screenshots Hidden Feature Of Payment Method

06 October 2014 / No Comments
Does Facebook Messenger allow Friends to send money transfer to another person? The tech world broke about the leaked screenshots about the hidden feature payment system of Facebook Messenger.

SMART/TNT/SUN Provide Free Internet; Globe Telecom Revives FREE FB

27 September 2014 / No Comments
Smart Communications together with Talk N Text and Sun Cellular unveiled to offer Free Internet access to its prepaid-only subscribers in their mobile phones. Subscribers can enjoy a free data volume package of up to 30MB per day only while Globe Telecom will bring back its Free Facebook promo.

HOW TO: NOT Seenzoned in Facebook

11 May 2014 / No Comments
Probably one of the key features in Facebook is Seen. When someone sends private message or chat you and you read it, it eventually displays seen(with check icon and timestamp) to the one sent message/chat. This is a quite powerful indication that the other end is indeed reading your chat or message whenever you have seen "SEEN".

However, it can be hurt sometimes. Like, you create a message for that someone with effort but it turns out that he/she just reads it and does not even reply to your messages. Painful right? Most especially, when that someone matters you most.

So how not to hurt and avoid being seenzoned?

Does Facebook Disable Your Account Permanently If You Don't Register This Magic Black Spell Method? [ Hoax ]

04 May 2014 / No Comments
I was excited to see that someone mentioned my name in one of their comments but it turns out to be just another yet annoying and spamming tagged.

Does Facebook Disable Your Account Permanently If You Don't Register This Magic Black Spell Method?

Claim: Attention : to all facebook users Your Facebook Accounts will Permanent Disable if you dont register your acc in our facebook stop permanent disable ! How to register Just Follow The Steps

Facebook Shows Problem on News Feed Worldwide

27 April 2014 / No Comments
Apparently, it as 5pm afternoon(PST), when Facebook had a little problem with their News Feed. The slight problem is Facebook did not show any contents in the news feed.

But you should not treat as a major problem for it is affects all over the world. Some users reported that they were not able to access the site itself.

The problem is not known yet, and it seems Facebok had fixed the problem. Twitter had an issue too. Maybe a sort of attack? DoS? :3

In a blog post, Facebook emailed TNW that they already fixed the problem.

Facebook Unveils Its New Optional Feature – Nearby Friends

18 April 2014 / No Comments
Guess what? Facebook is now beginning to roll out its new yet optional feature called Nearby Friends which help users to discover their friends in "nearby locations".

In a Facebook News Room post about Nearby Friends, users can choose the option to TURN the new feature ON.

If it is TURN ON, a person certainly and occasionally gets a notifications with their friends who are happen in the NEARBY locations so that you can get in touch and meet up with them.

The problem here is you are generally a homebody-type of person, this feature is not for you. As for those you keep on partying and taking outside hangouts, these are probably a good choice. Unless you always get FREE WIFIs.

Facebook Will Penalize Pages To Reduce Spam

13 April 2014 / No Comments
Facebook will Penalize spammy stories in the news feed made primarily by Pages. Page ADMINS prepare for the worst-case scenario w/ your own pages! 

In a blog, Facebook announced a series of overhauling major update its news feed to reduce SPAMMY contents that are viewed by the users.

According to Facebook, their goal with News Feed is to deliver and share RIGHT content to the right people given at the right time.

Facebook Buys WhatsApp For A Total of $19 Billion Mega-Deal Price

20 February 2014 / No Comments
Did you know that the co-founder of Whatsapp, Brian Acton, was rejected for jobs at Facebook and Twitter in 2009?

Facebook has agreed to acquire WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app with incredibly and currently more than 450 million users, for $16 Billion in cash and stock.

Why Facebook Buys WhatsApp?

Some experts argued that WhatsApp posed a threat to Facebook's Business. Also Zuckerberg also announced that:
"The growth rate they have today and the monetization that's early but promising and in place, we see a clear trajectory ahead and are excited to work together on this."

According to Mashable, the deal was by far Facebook's LARGEST acquisition to date in late 2012.

In the Nasdaq sec-filing report, Facebook will pay $12 Billion in stock based on the average closing price, $4 billion in cash to existing WhatsApp security holders, and $3 billion in restricted stock units to WhatsApp employees. (Total deal price is $19 billion).

HOW TO: Chat W/ Facebook Friends Using Yahoo Messenger 11 ?

15 February 2014 / No Comments
Ever wanted to chat your Facebook Friends using Yahoo! Messenger? Yahoo! Messenger (YM) was considered to be dominating chat software a long time ago. But it did not suggest that people were no longer used it. Still, there are lot of users prefer to chat with Yahoo! Messenger.

Admins Will Now See Who Posted On Facebook Fan Pages

11 February 2014 / No Comments
Facebook fan pages are quite useful in terms of  interaction and engagement among the users who like the page or potential audience.

Pages share stories, brands, services, products, and definitely the best place to connect with audience.

In order for the pages to be successful, admin needs more people to handle the pages. To make it grow and engage more people, admins or content creators must post regularly.

Paper is NO Longer a Thin Material But The New App from Facebook

02 February 2014 / No Comments
Well, basically paper is not a mere basic thin material that is produced from fibers. It's a new standalone news reader mobile app that help users to explore and share STORIES from friends and world.

Facebook Has A New Feature Called Trending Stories or Most Popular Posts

18 January 2014 / No Comments
Facebook will now showcase its new feature called Trending Stories alongside the News Feed. It will be seen at the right side(see below image) of the profile. This new product, simply calls Trending, will show a customized and personalized list of popular posts for each of the friends and interests.

Announced on Thursday, Facebook will add Trending Topics.

[Tech Humor] The Six Stages of SnapChat

14 January 2014 / No Comments
Snapchat is a photo messaging application ("app") developed by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy both works on Android and iOS platform. This app lets users take photos, record videos, add texts, add drawings, and send it to list of recipients.

Then these photos and videos sent called "Snaps". The unique here is that the user set time limit(1 to 10seconds) to allow the recipient to view snaps.

The Joy of Tech once again made a poster about SnapChat, its pretty funny but its kinda true. Made by Nitrozac & Snaggy, The Six Stages of SnapChat :Stupidity, Moronism, Naivety, Obliviousness, Good Ol' Denial, and Facepalm Inducing.

Valentine's Day Is Fast Approaching. But You Need To Know this Useless App

13 January 2014 / No Comments
Looking for a special someone this 2014? Want to know who is your lucky Valentine this coming 2014?

Find out but be aware of this circulating app.

I am not surprised that Valentine's day will be NEXT month but rather with this FLOODED Facebook Valentine app particularly, Who will be your Valentine's 2014? that has been circulated on Facebook groups.

One thing I could say, I am certainly not over-exaggerating things like this. However, as part of analysis, I concluded that it is a USELESS app and could expose sensitive information from the user to those who made the app.

Facebook Sponsored Stories Will Disappear This April 9th

10 January 2014 / No Comments
Ads is good but we need money. Now, Facebook revealed that they will remove sponsored stories on April 9. I guess, it is probably one of the best news in 2014 regarding Facebook Features including this sponsored stories. 

On Facebook's post, they will be phasing out this controversial Sponsored Stories ad units. 

Facebook "New" Sticker Icons 2013

17 December 2013 / No Comments
Well, this is getting better, I guess. Users, as I remembered, requested most of this icon — particularly Thumbs Down icon.

According to TNW, it was first made at hackathon that AllFacebook posted. Now, I am excited to use these cool new sticker icons.

Find it in the Sticker Store on the Messenger app.

Are you getting excited with this progress?

Globe Telecom's Free Facebook Users Hit 45% [Report]

18 November 2013 / No Comments
It all started when Globe Telecom launched its Free Facebook officially last October 31, 2013. The good news is that Globe Telecom reported it that Facebook Users grow about 45%. It merely means that it has been growing into popularity.

Giraffe Facebook Profile Photo Went Viral

27 October 2013 / No Comments
What's with the Giraffe thingy that went hype on Facebook particularly on newsfeed and profile picture? Well, let me get into straight. Actually, its a deal – a honest deal to play.

This Giraffe riddle is simple and plain gameplay. If you get wrong answer to whoever asked or posted on Facebook, you will change your profile picture but if you get correct answer that someone will simply post your name to indicate correct.

So whats the hype? Nothing particularly. It simply a riddle that needs common sense or straightforward answer. If you wish to try, here it is.

Facebook Could Not Update Status [10/21-2013]

21 October 2013 / No Comments
As you might guess, Facebook is, as of this post, now experiencing major drawback network problems on their website. I do believe it affects major areas in different key parts of the world.

My question is: What happen Facebook? Why the heck it happen this way? It seems that Facebook still not yet respond for this issues.

Access Free Facebook Anytime, Anywhere from Globe Telecom

20 October 2013 / No Comments
It's a good time to jump start for this exciting service brought by Globe! The company launches a service with FREE Facebook. Yes, you read it right and no data charges!

Globe Telecom, leading telecommunication in the Philippines, gives and offers Free Facebook to subscribers.