28 December 2018

HOW: To Take Your Customer Service from Good to Great

If you want your customers to have the best customer service experience ever then you must carefully design and train your customer service representative to deliver a seamless experience. Only then you can take your good customer service to great. Impressing the customer should be an ongoing task. 

Here is a list of 10 ways as to how you can deliver a great customer service experience

1.Open-up – Yes you do need to be professional with your customers but train your employees with such customer service skills that can delight the customer. Ritz-Carlton employees can spend up to 2000 dollars to make the stay of customers as comfortable as possible. Letting your customers feel special or letting them choose or make amends in a menu directly shows how much you care. Make small amends that accommodate a customer’s wishes.

2.Quality – A lot depends on how customers are handled. You must remember that they might be upset over something. They might even have an overwhelming response. Train your employees to stay calm and act in reasonable ways. Give the customer the benefit of doubt and ask your employees to resolve the matter most respectfully. Any altercation should be avoided. Make the customer feel valued. Help them out and give them useful information. 

3. Customer-centric – Build your company’s culture keeping the customer in mind. Take ownership in case of mistakes. In case you fail to register a phone booking for a party of 10, make immediate changes. Accommodate the guests and let them feel welcomed. Acknowledge your mistake, and apologize profusely. For any lapse on the part of a customer, for example, if he has forgotten his laundry receipt, hand him over his laundry by doing internal checking. If you go that extra mile, it will not go unnoticed by the customer. 

4. Protocols – In order to give the same type of great experience in all your outlets, you should make protocols. Let your employees know what they are supposed to do. You can also let your customers know what they can expect from you. But never be too rigid with your customers. Discourage your employees to show rules all the time. Encourage them to garner passion towards their job. The customer will definitely get impressed by the passion that your employees put in their job. The customers will learn to trust your brand.

5. Reach out – When your customers are trying to reach you, do not ignore or avoid them. Instead, do the complete opposite, reach out to them. Listen to their worries, concern or complaints. Be as patient as possible. Open up all popular mediums to connect with your brand such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to rope in your customers. Catch their attention with useful content. And do not forget to start a conversation with your customers. 

6. Train your staff well – Do not instill fear in them. Many times employees are scared to escalate a problem which they are unable to resolve by themselves. Let your employees know, it is ok to take help from others. The goal should be to deliver great customer experience. Make your employees feel part of your brand family and not just an individual employee.

7. Be quick – Needless to say that more you take time, more will the customer be frustrated. Always try to take pre-emptive actions. In case of an issue, give it a priority and resolve it. Keep the customer engaged. Do not get involved in unnecessary jargon talk. Just simply help the customer out with lightning speed!

8. Customize – People are individuals first. Let your customers know that you know how unique they are. Wherever possible customize. If customization is not possible, target like-minded people as a customer for your products. If you are selling a sandalwood soap and you can not customize by adding jojoba oil to one customer and other essential oil for others, then simply target all sandalwood lovers. Show them how special they are. Make them aware how their fragrance defines them. Open a sandalwood club on Facebook. Everybody loves to feel special and exclusive.

9. Follow-ups – If a customer comes to you with a concern or issue, even though you have already resolved it. Do consider sending follow-up checks to let them know that you remember the issue and are deeply apologetic. Also, remember to mention how you have taken steps I order to prevent any such occurrence in the future. 

10. Delight them – The best way to get a customer happy is by taking steps to delight them. Come up with customized packages for your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebratory occasions. Let them feel that they are valued members of your brand family. Throw in extra advantages like free parking or valet parking. In your supermarket, build a play area for kids to play while the parents shop.

Study your potential customers and make their shopping experience as pleasant as possible by providing exactly what they need.

Remember to amaze and delight your customers as often as possible. Keep them curious, interested in your brand. Added to that if you can show your passion for making the product or delivering the service, you can be rest assured, your customers will turn into your best brand advocates.

About the Author
Vaishali Gopi
Digital Marketing Associate

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