16 November 2018

3 Sales Management Secrets for Success

"You cannot reap what you do not sow," is an old saying. If you apply this to the modern commercial environment, the saying will look something like "you cannot grow your business if you do not manage your sales in the right manner." Not only that, without a good sales management process, you will not know when you will succeed because you may not have control over your sales process at all. 

If you have not put in place a good process for managing your sales, you are one among the hordes of entrepreneurs who are committing this grave mistake. You, like these entrepreneurs, may still be debating if the theory that a good sales management process aided by an appropriate sales CRM system will help in elevating your company to higher levels. But experts say that this theory is not at all flawed. Of course, a few entrepreneurs may fail despite putting in place a good sales management process. This is not because the theory is flawed but because they may not have chosen the right CRM software or they may not have implemented the process in the right manner.

In fact, you are not committing one but a few closely linked mistakes when you are not implementing a sales management process. Let us now look into two of them. 

The foremost mistake you may be committing is that you may want instant results and you believe that a sales management process may not get you this. The second mistake that is closely linked to the first one is that you have a strong belief that there are ways that can instantly catapult your business to the top. 

Even those entrepreneurs who could achieve great success in their businesses will agree that both these notions are wrong. There are several instances to prove that those who yearn for instant success are naive because they clamor for something that is not possible at all. Experts assertively say that the brains of these people are cluttered by wrong and illogical ideas and if they do not get rid of them, they are likely to continue to commit such mistakes during the course of conduct of their business which will certainly take them towards bigger failures. The problem is it appears that these entrepreneurs have often been coming across buzz phrases such as "instant success," "immediate gratification," etc.

What does this message from experts lead us to? It leads us to the truth that you cannot achieve instant success in anything, and more so, in your business. You have to make the right efforts at the right time. One of the most important steps you ought to take is to put in place a high-quality sales management process. Sales experts have come out with 3 suggestions, or rather secrets, that can lead you to success. 

In this context, the classic "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World," authored by Harry Browne, is worth recalling. In this book, Harry Browne advises that people should not depend on the world to help them live freely but it is for every individual to discover his or her own ways for achieving this aim. To apply this analogy to the process of finding out how to achieve business success, it is for you to discover the ways that suit you for succeeding in your business endeavors. Nonetheless, let us have a look at the suggestions provided by experts. You can tweak them appropriately for making them suitable for your business.

1. Help your teams succeed.

You may have a few sales teams in your company. Once you are ready with an appropriate sales management process and have put in place a CRM tool as well, you should ensure to impart all the required skills in these team members so they can handle the process as well as the software in the right manner for getting optimal results. Remember that if your sales teams succeed, you can be certain of the success of your company.

2. Your team members need not dread talking to potential customers.

If you want to achieve business success, you should keep expanding your customer base. Not only that, you should ensure to retain the customers who have come into your fold. This means that your sales team members should always be in touch with your existing as well as potential customers. Unfortunately, a number of employees dread talking to customers. They are afraid that customers will come out with complaints or ventilate their anger or frustration over the flaws, if any, in your products or some lacuna in the services your company renders. 

You should educate your team members that they need not be afraid of talking to customers. Your team members should know that the very purpose of your business is to serve customers and fulfill their needs. Once your team members realize this and start contacting customers on a regular basis, you can achieve amazing results.

3. Manage your time efficiently. Impart time management skills in your team members as well.

If you do an honest study of how you spend your time, you will find that you may be wasting this precious resource on a number of petty and unimportant tasks. Due to this, you may not be able to bestow adequate attention to really important things. You should, therefore, learn to manage your time efficiently.

In the same manner, if you delve deep, you will find that most of your sales team members may be focusing wrongly on petty tasks. If you impart time management skills in these employees, they will spend their time purposefully. This is a very important step and once you take this step, you can be certain that your sales management process will be a roaring success. 

To summarize, these are in fact not secrets at all. They are common-sense and logical steps. But if you adopt them, you can achieve stupendous success for your sales management efforts.


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