07 October 2017

REVIEW: Is Payeeu.com Real or Fake?

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to earn money online is to refer a link to someone on social media. Yet, most of those are scams, fake, and time-wasting website.

If you are one of those members in Payeeu.com well, sorry to burst your bubble, but the website is another fake internet site.  Here are the reasons why!

Question: Is Payeeu.com  Real or Fake?
Answer: FAKE!

I must be quick and give straight answers!

Payeeu Logo


Reasons Why I Said It Is Fake and SCAM

1. Registration PAGE really sucks
You just need to feel and see it.

You know, when it comes to money, security is the primary factor to consider. In this website, esp. registration, there is no actual security feature displayed.

The lack of details is one-proof not to join the said website.

2. Logo and design
I think a kindergarten design its logo or I just don't know.

3.False Statistics (???)
Earn Per Referral = 10$
Earn Per link visit = 5$
Monthly Payments

4. No Forum/Discussion (ONE GREAT FEATURE)

Members and admins can interact with each other with a forum function. Indeed it is one of the important features to install!

5. No security features
Again, in the registration alone, it really sucks. No Captcha, secure https, anti-DDOS, etc. Where the heck these?

6. No 'contact us' page
Necessary for some issues, but there is none. Like what the heck?

7. Has payment options but...
Only check details available in the registration so, I don't think it is really functioning.

8. Referring is the only job. YES!
Kinda boring and not compelling job. Because it is fake and you are just wasting your time

9. Security matters, information exposed!

Members can be exposed their sensitive information. Be cautious at all cost!

Final thoughts
In whatever you will visit, please do a research and don't get excited to join just because it gives an easy money. Remember, earning money online needs focus and proper attention.

Lastly, please do not join to Payeeu.com, your details may be exposed. The earlier the better! Look for a legit website like ClixSense and other links below!

If you are looking a website that is legit and is really earning, why not try ClixSense?

As of 07-10-2017
Wayback while ClixSense has a clicking of ADS to earn money, as of this moment, you can earn money by answering SURVEYS and working with MINI-TASKS found on this: https://www.clixsense.com

Have fun!

Do you have comments and suggestions? Feel free to cast it below! Thank you!


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