03 September 2017

[REVIEW] Is Sarahah App Safe to Use?

Sarahah app went VIRAL by storm!

To be honest, it has mix reactions and comments. Although, for some average users, safety and security aren't an issue at all.

What is Sarahah?
Image: Sarahah
Sarahah means HONESTY in Arabic, developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia. It was originally created to help employees provide honest, unfiltered feedback to their employees in a private manner. (You know some work politics). Surely, I want this app for my workmates! I would gladly rate them according to their work ethic and leadership.

"There's an issue in the workplace people need to communicate frankly to their bosses," said Tawfiq, who works full-time as a business systems analyst at an oil company in Saudi Arabia.
Sarahah became a mainstream app following its launching last February. Additionally, it is one of the top downloads on App Store and Play Store and reportedly had more than 20 million users in a few weeks and quite a popular on Facebook.

You may check here.

If you noticed, Sarahah has 3.2 out of 5.0 rating on Play Store and 2.1 out of 5.0 rating on App Store. It has a  low score primarily because of its controversial way of collecting and uploading of data.

Sarahah: No Disclosure

Here's the problem though.

In an The Intercept report, while the app is asking permission to access the contacts, yet Sarahah is collecting and uploading ALL phone numbers and email addresses of the users without proper DISCLOSURE. 

Although, the good thing is, the creator, Zain Al-Abidin, tweeted that those contacts were intended for the find your friend's feature and would be removed in the future updates. He also claimed that the app store no contacts in the database which ideally difficult to verify.

For average users, this is not a problem at all. However, for those users who are particular about the privacy, this is really a big thing and concerning. (I am one of those).

This uploading process is an apparent threat to the user's personal data.

So the question is, Is Sarahah App Safe to Use? 

Answer: Mix; Doubtful.

In particular instances, this Sarahah app helps someone discovering their strengths and weaknesses for improvement by receiving an honest feedback from their friends in an anonymous manner.

HOWEVER, the negative side of it is it exposes hatred and harassment from other users. Certainly, it will be a major platform for cyberbullying. Females can receive pervert comments and it is a huge problem. Thereby, this APP is not SAFE at ALL.

Of course, it is the USERS privilege; it is their OWN risk! 

Salute to the creator because he created this for the feedbacks about the employees. But for privacy and cyberbullying issues, I would suggest thinking TWICE of using it.


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