02 September 2017

Kaspersky Lab Provides its Free Antivirus Version

Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading providers of antivirus software, plans to offer a computer-protecting service for free! Yes, you read it right. 

Honestly, this is a great news for those who want a free and legal anti-virus. I was once a huge fan of this Kaspersky, but my system cannot handle some of the resources so I switched to smaller resource-AV ones. Today, I will certainly try it again. ;)

Image: https://eugene.kaspersky.com/2017/07/25/kl-av-for-free-secure-the-whole-world-will-be/
Kaspersky offered a Free AV and has a feature of antivirus scanning and protection for your files, emails, and web usage, as well as automatic updates and a quarantine service to safely contain a malicious virus.

While it is FREE, this version has no extra protection features from its paid-version which has the following tweaks:
  • Parental Control, 
  • Online Payment Protection,
  • Secure Connection (VPN).
But it doesn't matter for those average users. This FREE version is kinda a great GIFT from the user's PCs. Kaspersky Free still provides the protection most people need to protect themselves cyber threats. Oh yes, there is no ADS!


  • IT will roll-out first in the U.S.A., Canada, and many of the Asia Pacific countries. 
  • September: India, Hong Kong, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Latin America. 
  • October: Europe, Japan, and South Korea. 
  • November: Vietnam and Thailand

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