08 August 2017

7 Tips to Help You Finish Your Dissertation

Maybe you are not a big fan of writing at all, or maybe you are an Agatha-Christie-to-be. No matter what group you belong to, we all need inspiration at times when working on a huge chunk of work that is your dissertation.

As a student that reached to this point, you probably have lots of writing experience.

You have no troubles composing an essay, crafting a term paper or conducting a research. However, this is a brand-new level of greatness, and if you don’t handle it right, you might burn out very soon.

So, in this article, we will introduce you to seven effective tips of how to write a good thesis and not go nuts in the meantime. So, join us here – and let’s strive for the best together!

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7 easy ways to finish your dissertation

1. Start early.

First and foremost, start writing your dissertation while you still have time. Do not wait until the last moment to dive into writing. 

Thesis creation is not a piece of cake, you know it. So, why postponing it only to feel guilty about approaching deadlines?

Schools normally give you plenty of time to write that dissertation, so start right away, and invest some time into it regularly to get an excellent paper in the end without having your hair gray.

2. Be consistent.
So, you started researching the area right away and kept a good pace for a week or so. Then, you went to a camp, then you got overloaded with tasks at work, and at the end of the day you end up having only a few pages before a soft deadline. 

Not to get into such a situation where you will have to spend hours slaving on your paper, you need to dedicate time daily to work on your dissertation. It might be 20 minutes a day, but as long as you dedicate them every day – you can finish your dissertation in the shortest time!

3. Whenever stuck, move on to the next step.
There are those moments when you can’t help it but just stare at a blank page not knowing what to write next. These are the moments that drag you down and make you hate the paper you are working on. 

That is why our tip is to move on to the next step whenever you are stuck on something. Maybe, once you clear your mind and switch the focus, a fresh bright idea will come!

However, by no means, we encourage you to do several tasks at once.The Wrike state that only 2% of the population are good at multitasking, while the rest of us lose approximately 40% of the time on switching.

4. Be ready to edit.
Editing might take almost as much time as writing, so you need to be ready for it. Do not feel sad or frustrated with the need to edit your texts over and over again. It is inevitable, so just accept and be ready to go over your writing several times in a row. 
Make sure to focus on fixing one error at a time. For instance, start with checking your text for grammar, then proceed to the punctuation errors, and only after that consider checking the facts and sources.

5. Don’t strive for perfection.
Of course, it is great that you want to deliver an excellent piece of work. However, do not push yourself to the limits. 

Statistically speaking, around 55% of female students told the specialists that “they place almost unnecessary amounts of stress on themselves to maintain society’s near-impossible expectations of flawlessness,” reports the Bachelor’s Degree Online

There is no need in feeling exhausted only because you want the paper to be flawless. Do your best, but do not live under pressure.

6. Get rest, eat healthy food, and go exercise.
When studying, getting enough sleep and rest is essential as otherwise, your body won’t be able to deal with the tasks. 

So, no matter how tight the deadlines are, always find time to exercise in the morning, eat enough fruit and vegetables and sleep at least 7 hours a day. Taking good care of your health is rewarding!

7. Use help.
Whenever you realize that help is vital, ask people to help you. You adviser, friends, family, peers and group mates can all be helpful depending on the task you cannot solve at the time being. So, do not shy away and invite them to take part in what you are doing!

We still believe that you might need help with dissertation writing no matter how good your writing skills are. Do not wait until you feel absolutely exhausted to use these tips, but use them now to see how they can do real wonders for you!

And if you think that we might be missing some important tips here, hit the “Comments” button to let us know what you think. We love your comments and cannot wait to hear back from you!

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