23 July 2017

Facebook Viral #RAN Showing a Snake is Fake

Since it is a viral post, I have seen my friends commented on a Facebook Page, Filipino Vines, typing #RAN to show a snake (BESS) — and I have to admit, I already tested it in a chat, and in fact, tried to comment in the page comment section — yet it does not show any snake. So initially, I must say it is a FAKE one, in a sense that typing #RAN in a comment does not even work at all.

Well, I don't mind it anymore but since someone wants to learn something about viral posts if it's true or not, I would like also to share a great information.

I say it fake because it does not work, and more facebooker will testify. Anyway, here's why it doesn't even work.

Where is all started
Well, thankfully, Yugatech blogged about it, and accordingly, it all started with the Harry Potter easter egg where Facebook honored its 20th anniversary with some magical animations when you type keywords on posts and comments.
Image: DailyMail.co.uk
With that inspiration, some pranksters use #RAN as shown below post, which shows typing #RAN will display a snake (and is talking to a snake-attitude bestfriend BESS).

Snake Screen on Google Play Store
The snake you have seen is actually be found at the Google Store Snake On Screen Hissing Joke. The snake will CRAWL around the screen endlessly and the prankster timed it to show the snake after typing #RAN keyword. Hence, you don't fucking need to type keyword to show the snake.

Snake On Screen Hissing Joke
This application will display very realistic animation of snake (Python) on the screen of your phone. You can play game, watch film, browse the Internet and the slithery reptile will always be visible. Movement of this footless vertebrate was generated on the basis of a real film showing a snake moving in it's natural environment. Fluent movement and high quality of graphics can make anybody pranked that a real animal is moving on the screen of his phone.

Final Words
Viral post when typing #RAN to show a snake is total-ridiculously FAKE. I hope you'd find it useful. In any form of viral, be skeptical. Investigate before believing anything else.


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