29 May 2017

Dragon Ball's First Super Saiyan Transformation

Ever wonder why the heck there is no FEMALE Super Saiyan? Well, the time has come to have one!

The Dragon Ball anime had finally introduced the first female Saiyan who can transform a Super Saiyan transformation. 

Watch it here First Super Saiyan Transformation:

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 92, it titled as "Caulifla Super Saiyan Transformation" where 
Cabba is shown teaching the lady Saiyan Caulifla how to go Super Saiyan in order to make her join the Tournament of Power. The pair realize the girl is having some issues with the transformation, and it does not sit well with Caulifla’s hot-headed nature. However, the real issue may lie with how Cabba is teaching the girl how to assume the power. After Cabba explains the ‘tingly’ feeling which comes with going Super Saiyan, he tells Caulifla to focus her energy in the top of her back. Rather than using rage to go Super Saiyan, Caulifla’s stubborn self is able to go into the form to simply gloat about how strong she is. Once the lady is able to enter the state at will, Caulifla makes the note that she could probably beat Cabba when she’s Super Saiyan. And, with a shy nod, Cabba agrees

Source: ComicBook


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