28 March 2017

[Review] Is Payaside.com Fake Or Real?

Question: Is Payaside.com Fake or Real?
Answer: FAKE!

I must be quick and give straight answers!

If you are stumbled by this website, payaside.com,  then I recommend you not to engage with it. Last few days ago, I reviewed similar site to this Payaside.com, which is the MyCashinHand.com Review, you are a keen observer, its logo and website design do have similarities.

Oh, wait! Better try this better and legit website: 
ClixSense: Register and click here.

Earning with ClixSense as of March 20, 2017

With that alone, you will have a sign that you should not continue or stop doing work with Payaside.com, but you are still not convinced of it. I will show you some important factors that will make it as a SCAM website.

payaside logo
payaside logo
Reasons Why I Said It Is Fake and SCAM

1. Registration sucks
You just need to feel and see it.

2. Logo and design
Have similarities with one of the scam websites I reviewed, MyCashInHand.com.
3.False Statistics (???)
Total Earned Today:91694$
Total paid to Users Today:8498$

4. No Forum/Discussion
Members and admins can interact with each other. Important feature!

5. No security features
Captcha, secure https, anti-DDOS, etc. Where the heck these?

6. No, contact us page
Necessary for some supports.

7. No payment options
Because it just not exists in the first place.

8. Referring is the only job
Yes, you are indeed just doing involving and sharing the link they provided you.

9. Security Matters
Members can be exposed their details. Be cautious!

Final thought

Please do not join to Payaside.com, your details may be exposed. The earlier the better! Look for a legit website like ClixSense and other links below!


Clixsense earnings as of 3-23-2017
Clixsense Earnings as of 3-23-2017

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