20 March 2017

DICT's GovNet and JuanKonek

e-Government Master Plan (e-GMP): Seeks to digitize all processes in the Government.


Ensure the provision of efficient and effective
information and communications technology
infrastructure, information systems and
resources to support efficient, effective,
transparent and accountable governance and,
in particular, support the speedy and efficient
enforcement of rules and delivery of
accessible public services to the people.
A digitally empowered and integrated
government that provides responsive and
transparent online citizen-centered services for
a globally competitive Filipino nation.

To provide efficient, responsive and transparent
online services for the Filipino people through
the integrated and optimum use of information
systems and technologies throughout the

Source: Download PDF [1]

What is GovNet? 

GovNet is a network of interconnected government agencies through Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) which allows for a unified system for better service for the Filipino people.

Also, it solves the following problems:

1. Equipment Obsolescence
2. Interoperability and integration

Additionally, it has benefits to the government to lower costs of Internet services and faster data transfers for government-to- government communications.

For the implementation, Cebu City is the pilot of the GovNet project. And there are already 15 agencies connected and in the NCR spanning Manila, Quezon, Pasay, Pasig, and Taguig City joining (160) National organizations(This is the Regional GovNet Phase 1).

Currently, the Regional GovNet Phase which composed of (8 Regions),

  • • La Union
  • • Batangas 
  • • Cebu 
  • • Zamboanga 
  • • Cagayan de Oro
  • • Davao 
  • • Cotabato 
  • • Marawi City

Still being developed for the year 2017.

What is JuanKonek

JuanKonek is the government's “Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places” project. It aims to the Filipino to get connected and enjoy services without spending money in availing internet connection.

Currently, it has some connected to JuanKonek, see image below.

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