11 February 2017

Why Is Good Attendance So Important in Work Ethics?

Having an excellent work/school attendance record is a great and importance resource for the company and to ourselves, indeed.

Of course, we already experienced being tardy in school or work, we might not know the effect on how poor attendance does. In this article, we will see the negative side of it.

Most of us don't really care if we are late at work or school, because some of us may have a reason to back it up that it's not about the attendance but the output rather that matters. Well, it is a good point too, though, we might fail to see the other side of the wall. 
In some first world countries, good attendance, sometimes, being rated higher than productivity and quality.
How attendance will impact on our daily personal well-being? Is attendance really a necessary? How about this saying "Physically Present But Mentally Absent?". 

I made a slideshow, to show you a direct content about attendance in a workplace. Check this out.


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