29 January 2017

Relaunching of Ragnarok Online in Southeast Asia (PH, SG, MY)

Gravity (CEO Park Hyun-chul) and Electronics Extreme (Representative Thanin Piromward) signed a licensing agreement with Ragnarok Online for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia for a contract deal amount close to $1 million!
Ragnarok Online: Inven.co.kr
Ragnarok Online is being hailed as the most popular online game in Korea since 2002 with a total of 50 million players globally. In fact, the game had won the best MMORPG award at the '2016 Thailand Game Show Big Festival', the biggest and most authoritative game show in Southeast Asia in December 2016.

Update: RAGNAROK ONLINE Philippines CBT is UP!

In the Philippines, Ragnarok Online has been popular since 2003 and been recognized as the national game by holding the Ragnarok World Championship 2008 (RWC 2008 ).

Lastly, in the Singapore and Malaysia, it has gained popularity since 2004.

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In a post, Gravity, represented Ragnarok Online unveiled last January 13, 2017, signed a licensing agreement with Electronics Extreme (representative Tin Phillip Ward) for the relaunching online game "Ragnarok Online" in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

"I think Ragnarok's fun and powerful brand power will be a testament to the fact that it has been loved by many people since 15 years ago. I think that if we continue the close collaboration, we will be able to meet the second heyday and we will support it generously, " said Gravity, global business manager at Gravity.

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