10 January 2017

A Simple Wooden Lamp - The Heng Balance Lamp

Traditionally, most lights turn in a simpler two ways:  switch on/off. In modern times, we can control lights with some sensors or smartphone apps.

However, a Chinese designer Li Zan Wen developed out of wood-and-magnet which is called 'The Heng Balance Lamp.' Those mechanisms I did mention will not work on this lamp and it requires a human hand in order to operate. This lamp also has a quite simple design UI. It consists: Wooden Frame, Embedded lights, and Two wooden balls attached to a string.

The Heng Balance Lamp.
The Heng Balance Lamp. Image: Wired

How does it work?

The two wooden balls act as a switch. As it raises the lower ball, both balls will be attracted magnetically. These balls will float in the air and when it reach a balance, the light located sideways would be turn on.

The Heng Balance Lamp available $44, on Kickstarter!

Watch it here

Image and Source: Heng Lamp 


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