27 November 2016

[EXCLUSIVE] Quick Sneak Peek: Able2Extract Pro 11

Investintech, a leading PDF solution with over 250,000 licensed users in 135 countries, will unveil its new Able2Extract Professional 11, features with Adobe Quality PDF Editing technology.

Able2Extract Pro can convert PDF files to MS Office file format like Excel, Word, Publisher, and Powerpoint, Image, Autocad, HTML, and Text. It can also Create, Edit, Organize (Merge, split, add, & delete), and Manipulate PDF files using the award-winning software technology from ADOBE Acrobat class PDF Typewriter.

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Able2Extract GUI Beta
Quick glance:

The graphics interface is quick neat which combines simplicity. Ordinary users can easily use this software with efficiency.

Tried one, and works pretty ease

What I love about Able2Extract 

1. Edit text with ease, I can freely add/delete text in a paragraph!
2. Can detect FONT name in a PDF(Just a cool feature, though. I don't need to search for it in the Google)
3. Rotate text lines badly need sometimes.
4. Can remove images in a PDF file

lastly, and here's the great thing...

Able2Extract PRO 11 Features
Here is what’s new in this version:
  • Improved OCR(Optical Character Recognition) engine technology
  • PDF annotation (more than 12 annotation methods)
  • Improved PDF editing (add and remove images and vector shapes)
  • PDF redaction
Redaction is the process of permanently removing visible text and graphics from a document [1].
  • PDF encryption and decryption
Able2Extract PRO 11 plans to be released on December 5, 2016!


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