24 August 2016

Five Best Tools for Customer Engagement Success

More and more businesses are opening their eyes and realizing that they can’t go anywhere without a high customer engagement. No commercial, ad, newsletter, influencer, article work anymore without a precise addressing to the client. If the gone years were all about making a great fuss about the product, the era of World Wide Web wants to see the human side of the business.
Only through this gate companies can communicate with their public and show them how their product or service can make their lives better. To add it up, 76% of customers expect companies to guess their needs correctly.

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However, no marketer could ever keep track of the vast amount of customer activities without the perfect tools for following and improving the customer experience. Here are the five best tools for customer engagement success that make the marketing activities a whole lot easier.

1.     Google Analytics

First things first, you have to be able to analyze every movement of your customers to collect relevant data and fuse them into the correct marketing actions to engage them in your brand.

Google Analytics is the right way to do this. You can track everything that happens on your website, from the moment the visitor enters your site until he leaves. You can analyze the bounce rate on each of the pages. 
Google Analytics. Image: www.daimto.com
Some web pages, such as blogs, should have a higher bounce rate, but if this is the case with the most important pages of your site (main product pages, “about” page, “contact us” page), you should immediately reconsider them and improve the quality of their content.

A similar report you can get on the Exit Pages. This report alerts you over the last pages people view before leaving your website for good. Again, if it is an important part of your site, you should improve it to score the same or at least an equal percentage that your best pages make.

Example. Image: www.cloudflare.com

It’s the perfect tool for understanding customer behavior on your website and for converting these data into proactive actions that lead to a smooth customer engagement.

2.     ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an intelligent platform that helps marketers automate their sales and marketing processes. It is one of the lowest priced marketing tools on the market plus it over delivers when it comes to performance.
Image: www.magentocommerce.com

You can enjoy a large number of tools in one place that will help you acquire, retain and engage your customers. It is more than just a newsletter campaign creator as they boast in the first place. You have site tracking that can segment your email list based on customer behavior on your website. Conditional 

Content is another fantastic feature that changes the emails in real time based on the number of clients or the interests of the clients. For example, when you have a large discount campaign for all your products, you can tell ActiveCampaign to display in the email the most viewed best three products that each customer is interested in.
Example. Image: www.activecampaign.com

You can also find an intuitive automation builder, tools for a/b testing, CRM that makes a smooth transition from marketing to sales and advanced lead scoring for email flexibility and automation.

3.     AdRoll

AdRoll is your trusted specialize in retargeting marketing. With this tool, it is easy to track down the window-shoppers, meaning the visitors that have only looked at your products, and bring them back to convert them into actual buyers.
Image: techcrunch.com
People are researching products they are interested in, of course, but they don’t always look at their dream product at the most pleasant times. They may lack financial resources or time to invest in it. So, this is why they are just gathering information about your product and leave your website with the thought of coming back when the time is right. However, they rarely remember to return, as something else caught their attention at the right time.
Example. Image: www.g2crowd.com

And this is where the mission of AdRoll begins. The tool tracks down the footsteps of your visitors, and places your ad at their current location, making them impossible to forget your product. You can design the ads as you want, segment the list, and select the period between the moment the visitors leave your website until their next encounter with your product.

4.     Intercom

Customer feedback is always welcome and not only that, but their feedback gets you the invaluable insight on what there is left to optimize the client experience. If you find an incentive for clients actually to take it, like Perkins does, for example, even better. Intercom is a client communication platform, and it’s the place to be when it comes to directly interacting with your customers.
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The moment you open Intercom, you will receive all the information you need on your pending support tickets. Once you click on a support ticket, you will also see only the details you need to be aware of; the customer’s previous conversations with another staff member, his location, company, his last activities on your website. It’s everything you need and could put on an actual customer survey.
Example. Image: jobs.github.com
But the tool is more than just a client communication platform. It tracks down any kind of data you need to your customers.  You can filter them any way you want and use the results as a quality way of segmentation. You can send automated emails to customers who remained inactive for 50 days or to prospective customers that are using your trial at the moment. Intercom is aware of any move your client makes and alerts you about it.

5.     Influitive

Customers are no longer buying based on your marketing campaigns. Your marketing strategies are creating brand awareness, but what actually convert visitors into buyers are peer reviews.
Image: influitive.com

Influitive will introduce you to advocacy market. This tool will find for you the advocates of your brand, which are regular clients that are genuinely interested in your products and share the values of your company.  Influitive makes it easy and fun for them to spread the word about you through references, social media, case studies.

Example. Image: steelerslounge.com
It does all that by giving you access to their platform that connects you to your brand advocates. It will be easy from there on to persuade them to promote your company and proactively work on increasing the number of brand engagements. Your sales pipeline will work at its full capacity day in and day out while the platform is continuously fed with intelligence the more you advance in the advocacy marketing of Influitive.

All in all, by using the right marketing tools, you will be able to enter the correct automated and efficient world of marketing to bring customer engagement and brand awareness to their full potential.


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