06 July 2016

[Review] Is Dollarnize Real or Fake?

If you are seeing posts that you can earn the easiest money, then be skeptical. Tell yourself to this: Is it really true? How can they pay BIG money out of small task? Of course, you need some proof or pieces of evidence to make it legit right?

If "Too Good to be true", then it probably is. 

With this, Is Dollarnize.com fake or legit? Simple right? But then, I will answer in simplest form: NO. 

Satisfied? Of course, no!

Here, I will give you factors to why this Dollarnize.com is FAKE and BOGUS.

Dollarnize.com is a fake website that gives the user an opportunity to earn money with a faster and easier task. 
Trusted by the world�s leading earners & professionalsDollarnize helps young professionals & earners - large & small - collect better, more useful data across all channels with engaging, interactive, smart & powerful source of earning money by doing simple tasks.

There are few descriptions (Too good to be true):

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As of July 07, 2016
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Reasons Why Dollarnize is Fake and not genuine ?

Dollarnize interface
If you find it hard to accept, then you may visit recycle design and system.

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1. Fake Statistics 
Try to access it the other day, you will be amazed.

Total Paid: $786,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 253

2. Registration Fields
If this site will you tons of money, then it should be comprehensive. It needs more fields and security features. Indeed, it is not safe to invest time with this website.

3. Payment options
Since there are no complete fields in the registration alone, then Payment options are lacking the information needed to process cashout.

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4. No Actual Payment proof
You will be needing this. Actual testament or screenshot is good.

5. No forum discussion
One of the best features to add in the websites, esp., those involving money/business. Because forum has a members' discussion. They will talk about the earnings and complaints. So a newbie member will have a certainty that they join not for nothing.


If you find this short review not a worthy one and still insist on working to it then it is fine, I will let you experience how to lose your previous time and effort.

In case you didn't know, I almost monitor similar websites like this. As always, I do recommend ClixSense.

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You may refer someone or you wish you do not. In both ways, you can still earn money(but not big as this dollarnize).


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