11 May 2016

HOW TO: Hide Last/Active Now Feature On Facebook

  • For PC Users, this is to disable the last active in minutes ago feature on Facebook.
  • Sometimes, we need to hide our last online active status when using Facebook.
  • Adblock Plus is a great tool for protecting last active online in Facebook.
  • Downside: You need to refresh the browser for new notifications update or chat message.
  • How to hide last online status on Facebook Chat
Although, last active online is a quite powerful feature, but people with privacy issues prefer not to be seen by other Facebook friends on Chat.

Okay, I assumed you visit it for one reason, you must hide! Or whatever your reasons are, let's get started.

Sound bites:
The best way to hide your last active time is do not use Facebook, that way, no one will ever see you online!

  1. Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge, Opera, Safari)
  2. Adblock Plus (you need to download this script. Click individual link)
    1. For Chrome users download here.
    2. For Firefox users download here.
    3. For IE users
    4. For Microsoft Edge users
    5. For Opera Users
    6. For Safari Users
  3. Of course, you need to turn off your Facebook Chat!
  4. Now, we are half-way done!

STEPS on HOW TO: Hide Last/Active Now Feature On Facebook 

1. You need to download the Adblock Plus script on your particular browser to be installed.

download and install adblock plus

2. Once, it is installed on the browser, you need to click its OPTIONS.

3. In the Adblock Plus options, click Add Your Own Filters.

4. Copy this text and put it in the textbox then click Add Filter.


And it will look similarly below:

 5. Viola! You are in the stealth-mode! :D Nobody can see your last active online!

Here's the result. I enabled it in the morning so.  I message my friends and even post status, yet, it displays 10h ago instead Active in 1 minute ago :D



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