08 February 2016

[Review] CashWay.xyz: Real or Fake?

If you are looking for a job position online, you must be aware of its legalities. Some are real, and some are fake. To fully pinpoint which is legal, there are few factors to consider.

Yes. It didn't mean when someone posted or shared it then it is REAL.

CashWay.xyz is one of the few websites that offers job positions and hey you don't need to have experience. Certainly, more people fall into this trap. They readily believe that this is quite good. Of course, it is FREE, so there's nothing to lose.

But please do remember that time and effort are at stakes here. You are working with no actual payment, and that's sad and frustrating.

Have plans to work with this new website?

Brief: Is CashWay.xyz real?
Answer: NOPE!
Here's why.
I already reviewed one of its variant, CashWork.xyz and I concluded it is fake and if you notice both websites share same attributes, the design, and the domain name.
Cashway.xyz and CashWork.xyz? You must be kidding me.
Again, I will just reiterate few reasons why a website is fake and scam.

Reasons Why Websites Are Fake and Potentially a SCAM

1. Security Features List

  • Registration full fields (these are emails, legit companies that offer revenues, and other website involved in money matters)
  • Secure browsing features (if you notice the domain, some sites used https:// then just www. )
  • Two-way signing system ( normal login with the use of code usually generate and send code to smartphone or email. This is way too secure to think )
  • Captcha or confirmation code is useful too. Though it is not mere for the users, this is to ensure the users from bots.
  • Certified secure by some third party companies like Norton, DDOS protection, McAfee, etc.
Now, cashway.xyz has no feature in the said list.
2. Legal agreement page
Paypal has a legal agreement page.It will protect both company and user.
Sample: https://www.paypal.com/ph/webapps/mpp/ua/legalhub-full
3. Forum
Here fellow users can communicate and share some updates or experiences about the website.
ClixSense has a forum, and there you can determine if it is giving money.
By the way, ClixSense is FREE, and you can earn money out it. Don't believe? Here's my actual making:
You can join by registering it here:
TRY this better and legit website:
Final Thoughts
If one factor is lacking, then think twice. A lot of websites actually offer a considerable amount of earnings, but you need to work hard for it.
Indeed, there is no such thing as easy money.
CashWay.xyz displays quick-money-scheme which makes it FAKE and SCAM!
Try ClixSense, but you need to exert more effort on that website.

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