14 February 2016

Is PayJob.xyz Real Website or Fake?

How do you assess a website's legality and  authenticity?

Oftentimes, we hit the enter key after searching one's reviews, either it's fake or not. Based on these reviews, we almost (yes likely) to believe on those posts. This is because they are far more knowledgeable and they sometimes have more experienced it. 

Although, it is not necessarily to try every one of websites which offer earning capability, but with the keen information and several past notes, users can 100% believe that those reviews are useful and true.

If you are lucky enough, you will save a lot of time and effort on those websites particularly this one — www.payjob.xyz

How is it related to cashway.xyz?

PayJob Logo

I make it short, Is PayJob.xyz Real Website or Fake?

Definitely, it is FAKE! Why?

Here are some reasons you might want to see and read.

1. Registration fields (Create an account has never been difficult)

What sorcery is this?

From that alone, it makes you think twice. Why is it so simple? Why is it so plain?
The answer is, they want you to work for them.

They certainly earn from you. But how?

Of course, you do some marketing links — short, you share and refer link to someone's else.

And its kinda annoying.

2. Security

How sure are you that you are protected?

Registration has no security features so why bother working with it that offers no exact security and protection?

Are you willing to take risks? Of course, I will not recommend you to. This is not for you. This is a scam. This is fake. Trust me!


Try ClixSense. ClixSense is FREE and you can earn money out of it. Don't believe? Here's my actual earning:

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3.  Fake Statistics
Recent Comments by users:
"Awesome Job! i just make few bucks first time online! "
"Lol! first i think it is fake, but actually i paid in very first week"
"Just got my earning of this week 3560$! thanks daynightincome"

Recent Payments:
Rickson 5900 USD (USA)
John david 1200 USD (USA)
Money233 9700 USD (MY)
disco2015 3490 USD (PK)
4. Discussion

 Where can you find it? Nowhere to be found!

Forum adds a delightful slight overview of the business in a website. Most likely, users interact fellow members. By that process, a member can post a cashout evidence, or rants an issue about the website.

If not, in the list installed. Think twice before engaging the said website.

5. Your account information is at stake here.

You send your information to them. There's a possibility they can share it to other company or people.


If you find my simple and short review not worthy. Still insisted to work  then it is fine, I will let you experience how to lose previous time and effort.

In case you didn't know, I almost monitor similar websites like this. As always, I do recommend ClixSense.

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You may refer someone or you do not. Both ways, you can still earn money(but not big as this PayJob).


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