27 December 2015

Does This TheYouthJob.com Really Giving Money Or Not?

You probably see or know this website because it is shared by your friends on social media and maybe probably you have tried it. In my case, good thing — though I receive it — yet I didn't get excited about it. Why?

In my reviews, I certainly determine what are that real website or not. This is one heck another fake website.

What is TheYouthJob?

Well, if you didn't know, this website is formerly named as Jobrize.

You can read my review with  JobRize.com

TheYouthJob Inc is a large-scale marketing and referral company in the United States of America. It was founded in 2010 and paying its members for doing tasks and activities which are given to them. Join the website and perform your task to get earn. There is no any fee, no any membership fee and no any paid thing. All is free... The main thing is your passion to the completion of task and promote to the friends.
If you are student, un-employed, use internet daily ?
You use facebook, Google+ or twitter ? YES
Yeah. I have seen this description over many times. If you are new to it, then you must realize that it is the same that many users got scammed.

Main reasons you don't want to waste your time on this fake website

1. First off (Design)

If you look closely, its logo is quite not attractive. Is it suppose to be a commercial type since it deals tons of money as their website says?

Poor design means terrible for business.

2. Earnings Payout (Fake)
You've seen it right. How is it possible for them to give such amount?

Top Payouts Countries:
India - 30,560$ +
USA - 25,000$ +
Pakistan - 22,400$ +
Indonesia - 20,740$ +
Malaysia - 15,500$ +
China - 15,200$ +

I recommend one for you, but you need to work for it — ClixSense.

As of Dec. 24, 2015
Try it here: ClixSense >>> register and click here.

3. No Forum Discussion(MUST HAVE)
When you start a website that offers money, it should have this feature — a forum or sort of.

Of course, members want to know if the website is really giving money out of the members' hard work.

Unfortunately, TheYouthJob fails to provide it. If its purpose of scamming and earning from its members then don't add it.

There are many forum platforms that are free. If they are giving a lot of money, they can purchase it, though.

4. Since it is formerly JobRize.com, you can read my comprehensive review here:

Final Words
Sorry for the short review, but these factors are solid evidence that TheYouthJob.com is not a legitimate website. Yes. They earn from its members and it might be exposed members sensitive information.

Therefore, don't ever register even though it is FREE!


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