29 November 2015

Technology: LI-FI 100 Times Faster Than WI-FI

If you are not satisfied with WI-FI regarding connectivity speed, then you might want this new technology. Are you excited?

Introducing Li-Fi, a next-generation tech next to WI-FI that can reach up to 1Gbps speed — at most 100 times faster than WIFI. Well, at that speed, I can be more productive at work and be more on procrastination when I need to download some apps and watch videos (sigh).

Li-fi lightbulb
Lightbulb - Image: BBC News
While LI-FI can send 1Gbps (gigabit per second) speed, it must have a light source (such as LED bulb), internet connection, and a photo detector.

According to BBC, it was tested by an Estonian Startup company, Velmenni in Tallinn. It was reported that in laboratory tests, it show theoretical speeds up to a mind-blowing 224 Gbps! WOW! It was also tested in their office, to allow their workers to access the internet.
Li-fi chipset
Li-fi chipset.  Photo credit: Peter Tuffy/The University of Edinburgh
Li-Fi sends data information using LED lights. It was not new because it was invented in 201
Compare to Wi-Fi, it transmits and penetrates walls while Li-Fi is based on light which can't penetrate walls and has a limited range which makes it more secure from sniffing.

Besides Velmenni, Oledcomm and pureLiFi already bring Li-fi to its customers.

Watch Haas talking about the technology in 2011.  Li-Fi's inventor himself, Harald Haas.


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