01 November 2015

Is DayNightIncome Real or Just Another Scam Website?

Okay, here's another yet web site that offers great opportunity to earn money. I was like. Really? I am so glad that you have visited this post, I assumed you need an answer.

So the first question is: Is it really giving out money?

First off, how can we tell if it is real or fake? Of course, we tend to research about the website. We even google it for some reviews.

Daynightincom logo
Daynightincom logo
Now, you will be glad because, in my experiences, I am telling you that this is quite not a new trend. In short, this is a FAKE one.

What is DayNightIncome?
Probably a 24/7 income, DayNightIncome has an icy coating description. As you have noticed below, DayNightincome (allegedly) is an innovated job offering website. It offers some employment and possibly paid for it.

DayNightIncome GUI

The question is, is it actually giving work?
 DayNightIncome.com is a new innovating and internet job site, where you will be hired to do some tasks, different in type and number. and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account, after it the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via Cheque. Other Payment options are also coming soon. You have to create a account with us to start and login to your member area, and do daily your jobs and you will be really great after using our service.
If you visit my previous comment, then you might notice the same description.

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Additionally, the setup is quite simple, you just need to log in and start working.

What is the actual work?
Honestly, you will just do referring your link. That's the primary job though as opposed to what they said on their website.

The site also guarantees the users to earn $25 signup bonus and could earn 1500$. Like what?

Logically, you can't even come up with that kind of amount.

Four Main Reasons Why DayNightIncome is not for you?
Valid Reasons why DayNightIncome is FAKE.

1. Really fake payment

How can they get those amount in the first place? Well, this is fake!
  Recent Payments:  Rickson                   5900 USD    (USA)  John david              1200 USD     (USA)  Money233               9700 USD     (MY)  disco2015              3490 USD     (PK)
DO you believe on these?

2. Fake Comments'/Testimonials

Recent Comments by users:"Awesome Job! i just make few bucks first time online! ""Lol! first i think it is fake, but actually i paid in very first week""Just got my earning of this week 3560$! thanks daynightincome"

Yeah, if you will fall for this, you need to think twice. Again, if it is really true, then they must put actual evidence.

3. Payment Option

If you register on the website, you can only see Cheque. ;)

4. Fake Amount Paid

Total Earned Today:91379$Total paid to Users Today:84564$Recent Payment: 41seconds ago.
 If you refresh your browser, it will just display random value.


Total Earned Today:94556$
Total paid to Users Today:74968$
Recent Payment: 48seconds ago.
Total Earned Today:71819$
Total paid to Users Today:67304$
Recent Payment: 51seconds ago.
Total Earned Today:68579$
Total paid to Users Today:73201$
Recent Payment: 20seconds ago.

5. No discussion or forum on the website which makes it more legitimate one.


 I suggest you try this legit and real one — ClixSense.

As of Nov. 01, 2015 - screenshot
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