12 October 2015

[Review] Is Invite2Money Real or Fake?

Recently, I did review with this website, PayRefe that offers money out of work, then Invite2Money suddenly appear and still offer the same services as PayRefe. If you happen to see the PayRefe website, it is exactly the same as this Invite2Money

The design, the flow, and the statements are exactly similar. So, it is undeniably a SCAM too?

Okay, Let us find out.

Initially, Invite2Money is offering a job online which a member (well, can only work in referring others with its link) can earn BIG amount of money.

Invite2Money Logo

First off, we need to know what Invite2Money exactly is. Upon visiting the said website, BitDefender greets me like this:

Bitdefender blocked this page
A phishing attempt has been detected on this page.
For this educational purposes, I take the risks by visiting it instead.

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ClixSense as of October 10, 2015

What is Invite2Money?

If you happen to visit my recent review about PayRefe  then, there is no need to continue reading here.

As you can noticed, the design interface is quite similar except its logo.

This is Invite2Money.

This is PayRefe.

Reasons Why Invite2Money Is Scam and FAKE

I will make it shorter.

1. Lack of Security features such as activation, authentication, captcha, secure https and other likes.
2. Impossible $10 Signup bonus for FREE! If so, where did they get their financial? It's good to be true, but kinda fake actually.

3. This is quite new registered website, yet it claims to pay  ahmmm What the hell?
Current Active Job holders: 128,000 Employees.
Total Work completed of: 245,954,909 USD
Paid to members on Approval: 205,954,909 USD
Unapproved earning of members: 10,000,000 USD
4. Fake statistics, OMG! As usual, if you will fall for this nah, you need to think twice in dealing with this kind of website.
5. Simple and plain registration (sux). Yes, a legitimate ones have a complicated and tedious fields to fill out.

6. No actual evidence for payments. Yes, where is it? As skeptical type of person, I need to see if it is really giving out money though.
7. No owner information (WTF?). Of course, if you are running fake and scam website, you don't need to put your information.
8. No discussion.

Final Words

If you value your TIME and EFFORT, just don't engage and register INVITE2MONEY. Don't waste your precious TIME though.

For your reference, I got this screenshot in one of those ClixSense tasks FB group. Together, we will attain like these earnings. Wew. *excited*

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