19 October 2015

HOW TO: Type on a Smartphone Touch Keyboard Effectively

For people who do not grow up having smartphones, the traditional touch keyboard typing can feel extremely slow. However, there are some tips and tricks you can try to get your typing up to speed while using a touch keyboard much like a physical one. 

These skills apply to any smartphone that has a touch keyboard from Android iPhones to iPhones to Blackberries and Windows phones. Each works in a similar fashion.

traditional touch keyboard typing
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All Thumbs

Find a position that works for you to use your fingers for typing. It might be using both thumbs to text while holding your phone, using two fingers at one time to gain speed. 

 both thumbs to text
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However, a lot of people would rather hold their smartphones in one hand and poke each letter with their index finger on the contrary. The index-finger position might make more sense if you have a large phone.

Auto Correct

The touch keyboard on your smartphone does not only include a built-in spell check. It will correct your mistakes automatically as you type. It is not only about catching spelling errors but also about smoothing over the typos that you'll inevitably make as you start typing faster. If you miss a letter two while you are typing a word but your smartphone can correct it automatically, and it’s been changed to the word that you meant, that’s success. 

Auto Correct
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Leave the auto correct feature on and try to type fast. Sure you will make errors. However, continue to type and you might be surprised how your phone will fix you automatically. It depends on your smartphone of course and its touch keyboard. You might have to enable auto correct in your settings first.

Voice Typing

You might think this is cheating, but it’s a great trick to consider, and one that will work for you. Instead of typing everything out manually with your fingers on your keyboard, your smartphone should have a feature known as voice typing built right in. Every word you say will be converted into text much the same way as if you typed them out. Speech recognition is by far not perfect, so you'll want to enunciate clearly.

Voice Typing
Image: www.techhive.com
Both the Android and iPhone keyboard will include a microphone icon. On the keyboard adjust the microphone and say what you want to be typed out. Your words will automatically be converted into text. There may be some specific integrated microphone buttons on some applications to perform voice searches as well as other actions.

Typing Apps

Although you might know how to type using a keyboard, you're probably reading this post because you realize that a touchscreen is much more challenging. Because of this, you might want to learn how to type all over again, and a typing app can help. 

Typing Apps
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Much like you could try help from this essay writing service to get writing done for you; you can also use typing apps to enhance your typing. These help since they can tell you where you are making mistakes. They enable you to be able to find common errors and learn how to correct them. Using an app might not be what you want, but you can just take time out to practice typing text blocks.


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