30 August 2015

Scientists Create Self-Repair Material Just Like in Terminator

Did you watch Terminator movies? Remember those liquid metal Terminator that can self heal itself? Scientists have developed a material designed to heal itself in less than a second similar effect with liquid metal Terminator, at least.
Scientists research a material with the ability to heal itself in case it gets scratch or puncture, this is an application of life-saving protection for astronauts living in space.

Backed by NASA, researchers are able to create a material that can heal itself in seconds. 

Technically, these healing materials healing materials that utilize thiol–ene polymerization initiated by an environmentally borne reaction stimulus are demonstrated by puncturing trilayered panels, fabricated by sandwiching thiol–ene–trialkylborane resin formulations between solid polymer panels, with high velocity projectiles; as the reactive liquid layer flows into the entrance hole, contact with atmospheric oxygen initiates polymerization, converting the liquid into a solid plug. 
Using infrared spectroscopy, researchers find that formulated resins polymerize rapidly, forming a solid polymer within seconds of atmospheric contact. 
During high-velocity ballistics experiments, additional evidence for rapid polymerization is provided by high-speed video, demonstrating the immediate viscosity increase when the thiol–ene–trialkylborane resins contact atmospheric oxygen, and thermal imaging, where surface temperature measurements reveal the thiol–ene reaction exotherm, confirming polymerization begins immediately upon oxygen exposure. 

self-repair material flow
Image: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acsmacrolett.5b00315

Watch it here:

While other approaches for materials with the ability of self-repair have utilized similar liquid-to-solid transitions, this approach permits the development of materials capable of sealing a breach within seconds, far faster than previously described methods.

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