15 August 2015

Samsung Unveils 16 TB Hard Drive PM1633a: The World's Highest Capacity HD

Do you need extra space for your files? Samsung has announced, probably the world's highest capacity hard drive, its 2.5inch hard drive that can store up to 3 million songs.

At the Flash Memory summit in California, Samsung unveiled its new solid-state hard drive (PM1633a) with a massive 15.36 terabytes of data space.

This 2.5" hard drive is typically the size of those HD in laptops. This 15.36 TB can store up theoretically 3k movies for a two hour HD Movie equivalent to 4.5 GB each. It will make you watch 284 days!

Samsung's PM1633a Hard Drive 16TB
Samsung's PM1633a Hard Drive. Photo: Golem.de
If you are fond with music, a typical 4MB songs will store up to 3.8 million song.

Today, an enterprise-grade 1TB SSD will cost you about £600 or $1,000; an enterprise-grade helium-filled 8TB hard drive from HGST costs about £400 or $700.

Samsung didn't mention the price of 16TB PM1633a, of course, it will be costly as cited above sample pricing.

But hey, you will be the one to be the first owners of world's largest capacity drive.

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