27 August 2015

Intel's 5X5 Smallest Socketed Processor Board

Indeed, technology makes smaller gadgets!

The smallest system to date is the mini-ITX, and it kinda feels greater space and convenience with this scheme that enthusiasts could own.

Intel is offering its new socketed CPUs, Intel 5X5 (the smallest socketed board), that don't rely on soldered parts alone. It is 29% lower than of those Mini-ITX standard Soldered systems are less attractive to customers mainly they want to upgrade their integrated CPU.

Introducing Intel 5X5...

Intel 5X5 has a size of 5.5" x 5.8"(140mm x147mm —  which makes it the smallest socketed board standard) board. It sports with 65W Thermal Design Power (TDP) chips with 2 channels SODIMM Slots for the memory.

Also featured too:

  • Support LGA based CPUs (Intel desktop CPU socket)
  • Feature I/O Selection
  • Sport with 2 channels SODIMM for memory
  • Equip 2.5" SATA storage

Intel's 5X5 Smallest Socketed Board
Image: ExtremeTech

According to ExtremeTech, Intel's 5x5 probably won't revolutionize smaller system design, yet its ability to upgrade to a faster-socketed CPU will be loved by those computer enthusiasts.

Intel claims that the smallest system form factors will fit into 0.85L worth of volume, which should let it slip inconspicuously into a living room or entertainment system.
Source: Intel’s new 5×5: Tiny form factor, socketed CPU Author: Joel Hruska; Accessed 8/27/2015


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