18 August 2015

5 Essential Cloud Facts for Pinoy Techpreneurs

Things are looking up for the Philippines in terms of cloud usage, as the country lands 10th place in the Cloud Readiness Index for 2015.

We have also been named as “dedicated improved” by the ACCA (Asia Cloud Computing Association) this year along with countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand despite garnering low scores in government regulations and telecommunications infrastructure.

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The BPO (Business Processes Outsourcing) industry has a lot to do with the Philippines pulling up from the 14th place in the last index in 2011, having optimized cloud usage in business operations that gave us the much-needed boost to accelerate the industry.

Using the cloud in business can open doors of opportunities for small to medium businesses. In fact, American software company, NetSuite, is supporting the Philippines’ bid to integrate Filipino SME’s into the global market—believing that the country has the potential to expand, not only in Asia but across the world.

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To understand more about the significance of cloud usage to Pinoy Techpreneurs, read on these 5 cloud facts.

1. Using the cloud means more flexibility for your business

Using the cloud to store your files keeps them safe and protected from the effects brought about by natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons. Power outage can no longer snuff out all your files, allowing you to access them from different locations.

It also makes it easier for you and your team to access these files anytime and anywhere in the world—from your home, while on a holiday, or even off-site.

2. The cloud allows easier collaboration

Cloud-based programs make it easier to communicate and collaborate with your team or your clients. Anyone in the organization can apply changes to your documents while others can see them in real time.

3. The cloud allows for smoother and faster mergers

The cloud makes the process of mergers and acquisitions much more quickly than the traditional way of consolidating different departments—with data and records easily transferred from one system to another.

4. Business scalability is possible with the cloud

Changes are inevitable in any business, and whether you’re ready to scale up or your operations have an urgent need to scale down, the cloud gives you the flexibility you need to apply changes.

The best part is that your cloud service provider most likely includes installing and upgrading services in the package. They can take care of the task while allowing you to focus more on the other important business aspects.
5. Using the cloud can mean lower IT costs

By utilizing the resources of your cloud service provider, you may cut down on the amount of money you spend on purchasing equipment, the management, and maintenance of IT systems your business needs.

Lesser equipment also means less energy consumption. Not to mention, you don’t need to hire additional staff to maintain your IT systems because your cloud service provider includes services such as IT support that specifically cover those tasks for you, including automatic updates to your software and IT requirements.

Embracing the cloud

Companies such as Jollibee and the country’s largest media network, ABS-CBN, use the cloud to expand and extend business in other countries.

If you have plans to grow your business but still want to test the market, the cloud gives you the ability to start small and test the waters, and upgrade your operations later on.

The cloud is no longer just an option for today’s small to medium businesses, rather an opportunity to be more competitive in the market.


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