08 July 2015

[Leak] Apple iPhone 6S: Thicker and Faster Than iPhone 6

Sorry iPhone 6 users but it looks like the next iPhone will be thicker and faster than your iPhone 6, according to the leaked drawing from Engadget Japan.

In the post, it published a schematic drawing of iPhone 6S with 7.10mm thick. (see below photo).

According to T3 post, the character "S" does not stand for "Super-size", so no worries. It was suggested that Apple just needs extra space for their new components.

Iphone 6s = 7.10mm (iPhone 6=6.9mm). Image: Engadget Japan 
Added with most exciting part of this new iPhone is that Force Touch which feedback into the screen, the same feature used in Apple's latest MacBook trackpads.

Force Touch is a clicky-pressure-sensitive feedback with no moving parts.
It’s a finger-charmer and could be used to revolutionise gestures in phone OSs.

iPhone 6S expected to launch in September.


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