07 July 2015

HOW TO: See Who Unfriended/Deleted You On Facebook

Do you want to know who those people unfriended or deleted you on Facebook are? Well, there is an app for that. 

Introducing, Who Deleted Me, a FREE Facebook Friend-tracking app that used to show WHO UNFRIENDS or DELETES you on Facebook.
UPDATE: 7/11/2015
  • Facebook requested the owner of the screen to remove it. The information of those people who installed the application will be erased in 24 hours.
Dear users,
Unfortunately, due to a request by Facebook, Who Deleted Me is no longer available on any platform. If you have a Who Deleted Me browser extension or application installed it will no longer function.
Who Deleted Me was intended to be a useful tool to enhance people's Facebook experience, but it is not seen that way by Facebook.
Never did I expect it would achieve the level of popularity it did over the last week, from being mentioned all over the media to being number 1 in the iOS App Store. Thank you to everybody who installed it and for your patience while the servers were improved to handle all the traffic. The level of traffic took me by surprise and I worked non stop to get it back online so everybody could enjoy it. By Thursday it was working well for everybody so I hope you had a chance to use it before now.
All personal information will be securely erased within 24 hours.
If you would like to know about any other (non Facebook) projects you can follow me on Twitter, or email me with any questions. If you would like to help fund or help to cover the costs of running Who Deleted Me, any donations would be appreciated .
Anthony Kuske
Who Deleted Me Developer

Yes, you can now see and know who, somewhat, betrays you. I guess these are probably the reasons why they just unfriend you.
  • Posting/Changing photos every minute (more of powerpoint presentation eh?)
  • Posting long exaggerated status posts.
  • Tagging unrelated photo(ads)
  • Posting of hates/rants about individual, society, and the likes every minute
  • Sending game requests
  • Correcting grammars(nazis)
  • They don't like you. (k bye)
  • Lastly, you are just annoying.
Screengrab. logo
On the lighter side, the good feature about this app is that it can tell if they are actually deleted you or not. Since it keeps track of your friends, it will determine whether he/she removes you or he/she just deactivated his/her Facebook account.

Additionally, it will show newest friends, people who block by you and last seen a stamp for everyone on your list.

How it works?
  • Your Facebook friend list is saved the first time you use Who Deleted Me.
  • Then you come back, your current friend list is compared to the saved version.
  • That means we can show you who deleted you on Facebook
Take note that it won't show friends who have deleted you in the past, once activated, it will only start tracking your friend's list.


To install Who Deleted Me on Facebook, follow the source link to get your desired version (iOS, Android or the web).
  • Google Chrome Extension: Who Deleted Me
  • Mozilla Firefox addon: Who Deleted Me
  • Opera Addon Extension: Who Deleted Me
  • iOS app: Who Deleted Me
  • Android App: Who Deleted Me
Sound Bites
If you're so insecure you need this app, you are also the last person who should be using this app. It'll just feed your paranoia and self-doubt. ~ oldtaku 

Source: http://www.deleted.io/app 

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