17 July 2015

[ Business ] How The Philippine Stock Exchange Works

When I joined in two of the investment groups (namely: TGFI and CDO-IT), I saw many posts about stocks which in that time, baffled me and made me wonder what exactly stocks were and how it works. Nah.. too lazy and busy with other things. Anyway.

Thankfully, this video will sum it up — and hopefully give the viewers a simpler and more plain look on how stocks really works especially in PSEi (Philippine Stock Exchange Inc.).
Screenshot via ABS-CBN News
Before that, I searched for the basic definitions pertinent to this stock.

Here are few definitions:

Stocks are the shares in ownership of a company. It represent claim on the company's assets and earnings.

The Philippine Stock Exchange logo
The Philippine Stock Exchange logo. Image courtesy: PSEi
Shareholders are the owners of the company's stocks. Technically, you own a tiny piece of every trademark of the company. Shareholders are entitled to share also the company's earnings.
Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first sale of a stock issued by a private company.
For now, I just wanted to share these definitions only.

Watch How The Philippine Stock Exchange Works via ABS-CBN News Youtube channel

Is it plain and simple? Cast your comments below.



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