08 July 2015

Facebook's New Feminism Friends/groups Icons

Following up on Facebook changed its logo design, the giant social media company is now introducing its new friends/groups icons.

Caitlin Winner, the design manager at Facebook, presented it in a post at Medium. In that post, Winner found something that friends icon and offended her.
Friends Icon

When she examined those photoshop vector files that represented people, she noticed that the iconic man was symmetrical except for his spiked hairdo, and a lady literally had a chip on her shoulder. Caitlin offended that chip.

New Facebook Friends Icon
Before and After. Image: Caitlin Winner @ Medium
If you noticed too, you would not exactly see it because a man placed in front of her.

chip on her shoulder
Chip on her shoulder. Image: Caitlin Winner @ Medium
After that, she fixed and drew some of the suggested icons, as she explained:
The lady icon needed a shoulder, so I drew it in — and so began my many month descent into the rabbit hole of icon design.
After fixing her shoulder I was tempted to remove the Darth Vader-like helmet and give her hair some definition. Ponytails felt modern, if a little youthful, but at 32 pixels the pony resembled a small rodent more than a hairdo. Silhouettes with long hair or very full hair were similarly hard to disambiguate at reduced sizes and eventually I landed on a slightly more shapely bob.
Hence, in the new friends icon, she made a double silhouette of two people of equal size, and she placed the lady in front of the man.

Final Friends Icon
Group Icon

And then, she redesigns the group icon as you can see below screenshot. In the old group icon, it was featured with two men and one woman and the woman was to the right back behind the larger-and-centered man.

In her new design, one woman is now larger and centered between two men.

Old VS New Facebook Group Icon
Old VS New Facebook Group Icon. Image: Caitlin Winner @ Medium
If you want to see the updated friends/groups icon, you can check it on your mobile device. Hurray! Victory for feminism on the internet. Thanks for the effort of Caitlin Winner.

Sound Bites
As a woman, educated at a women’s college, it was hard not to read into the symbolism of the current icon; the woman was quite literally in the shadow of the man, she was not in a position to lean in. ~ Caitlin Winner/Designer Manager at Facebook
Source: Caitlin Winner @ Medium


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