07 July 2015

Facebook Latest Feature: A Floating Video

Do you want to watch videos while scrolling your newsfeed? Well, this new feature will definitely be useful to you. I guess.

Facebook new feature, floating videos for desktop, will quietly rollout to majority of users across the world. This latest feature allows any video to pop out and keep user watched as he/she scrolls the page. YES!

Even if you are watching video, you can still browse the news feed. Thanks to floating video though.

It was first spotted by TheNextWeb, and accordingly, once a user clicked "float" (see below photo) icon, the video will display and playing on the lower left of the page continuously. If you don't like on the lower left, it can be moved anywhere too.

Facebook New Feature: Floating Video
Image courtesy: TheNextWeb
 lower left and continue playing
GIF Image Courtesy. TheNextWeb
However, there is a slight problem here, the video doesn't stick around if you visit different pages. 

The social network giant has been improving its video service and offering some advertising revenues just like YouTube.

Of course, if more users watching videos then it's a good time to create space to potential advertisers.

Is the latest Facebook feature useful?

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Images: TNW


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