01 June 2015

Lenovo Unveils Smartphone With Built-in Projector

Do you want to have a laser-projection smartphone with gesture-based control technology? Who else doesn't want that in the first place? Good news, this technology is being announced by the Lenovo.

According to Engadget post, there were TWO smartphones with built-in projection, one from Samsung which didn't make a huge hit.

However, for Lenovo, it finally captured the right usage for beaming virtual keyboard into the flat desk.

At the Lenovo Tech World conference, it was unveiled that Lenovo has its world's first laser projector smartphone, the Lenovo Smart Cast, with integrated focus-free projector and incorporated with built-in Pico projector along gesture-based control system.

There are modes:  wall projection mode (usual) and surface mode that you will have projected touchscreen.

Below images, showing a virtual piano;

you can even play Fruit Ninja in the surface right in front of you!

Lenovo Tech World conference. Image: PocketLint

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