03 May 2015

How Old You Are? Try Microsoft Age Guessing Site

If you think you look younger or older with your current age, then think again — you might use this Microsoft's new age-guessing site that when smash hit over internet.

Now, prepare to be amazed. To be flattered or to be shocked!

The engineers at Microsoft unveiled last April 30 at the company's Build 2015 conference — together with the show off of the cloud service platform — made a site called How-Old.net that will guess an estimated age of yours.

The site is quite simple to use:
  • Users visit how-old.net and see what happen.
  • Users will take a photo or upload the photo
  • The website then analyzes the photo and give the result
  • The website only use and test age and gender of the user
Here is my example with my photo, I am flattered to know that I am still 21, but the truth is, I am quite bit older.

screenshot from How-old.net
Privacy issue: The good thing about the website is they don't save photos in their server and they don't share them.

The engineers at Microsoft released Face Detection API which provide the state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze and process  faces.

Face APIs has some high-level features:
  • Face detection with attributes extraction with gender and age detection
  • Face Verification
  • Face Grouping
  • Face Identification
This API will predict age and gender of any faces recognized in the photo. But the engineers admitted that the API was good at locating faces and identifying gender yet it is not giving accurate with age.

That is why users are having fun with the website.

On the other news, Facebook's DeepFace facial recognition software is getting quite good at recognizing people in the pictures and automatically tagged them.
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