10 May 2015

iPhone Turns Blood Parasite Detector — CellScope Loa

Probably one of the best news recently, within three minutes, this thing could identify blood 
Since health equipment is generally expensive, the folks at UC Berkeley made its low-power microscope project to determine and examine blood samples under three minutes — the so-called CellScope.

CellScope is a UC Berkeley project built and designed to enable microscopic image captures from an iPhone's camera. It is a 3D printed box connected to a smartphone.
Image: Engadget
Its components to build CellScope Loa might be easy to purchase:
  1. Arduino Board
  2. BlueTooth Module
  3. LED array
The said project(Cellscope Loa) will accurately identify Loa Loa (or African eye worm) — that when left untreated it can lead to "River Blindness and Elephantiasis." Researchers are now deploying its trial kit around 40k people in Cameroon. If successful, it will help countless sufferers from dying.

Anyway, iPhone isn't the first mobile phone to hook with CellScope.

Watch How CellScope Loa works!

Source: [ https://www.engadget.com/2015/05/07/berkeley-cellscope-loa/


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