11 July 2015

Kickass.To Has Moved To KAT.cr

One of the most-visited torrent websites on the internet, beating ThePirateBay, is the KickAssTorrents(KAT) and currently had moved to its new domain, "KAT.CR". 

Over the past few years, KAT domain has moved from new domain to another domain to evade those law enforcements and to stay away from those big industries (copyright infringement issues).
The following TLD which I remember, are the following:
  • .PH
  • .SO
  • .TO
  • now (.IM)
  • Latest (.CR accessible)
How about this http://kickasstorrents.to/?

When someone commented and suggested this link, I presume it's fake, and while exploring the website, I found few things:

First, when I click Register or Sign in, it will redirect to this site:


I understand it's an affiliate link! So take precaution with this website.


Starting today, kickass.to will redirect to kickasstorrents.im, but as of this moment, it is still inaccessible. Here's what it display in Google Chrome:
the server at kickasstorrents.im can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.
According to TorrentFreak , the KAT team said that the change of domain was a "PLANNED" and admitted that it has no registry problems. Oh, nothing special.
“The domain name change is a planned move which KickassTorrents does every six months. Nothing special,” the KAT team tells TF.
The good thing about a .to domain is, it can redirect to a new domain and remain available, which it can be switched back if needed.
kickasstorrents Twitter profile photo
Image: kickasstorrents Twitter profile photo
If you happen to visit kickasstorrents.im and inaccessible, you can visit Kat.cr.

KickassTorrent posted its Twitter page for the new and working domain.
The Isle of the man (.IM) domain was taken down, forcing the KAT team to move to a new domain to Costa Rica (.CR).

Please visit kat.cr NOT www.kar.cr


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