09 April 2015

HOW TO: Recover Deleted, Lost, or Missing Files From Hard Drives

Files are now an integral part of our lives. We enjoy seeing movies/TV shows, listening to music, working with docs, playing games, and cherishing viewing photos. But what if you are not ready for the data loss? How will you face that situation? What will you do? 

For a quick tip: Be sure you are ready for the data corruption/destruction, or else you will cry a river on those very important files.

Want to recover important files from Hard Drive, SD Cards, and Flash Disks? EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro software solution can provide a tool to recover all deleted, or missing files and even those that recently reformatted.
It is almost happened to us with this situation when we delete certain files, later, we realize that we really need it back. How about lost/missing files?

Take Note: Unless you use software that will securely delete files, then there is no chance to get it back, at least.
Delete. Image: HowToGeek
Lost files even those drives that went reformatted can still be recovered, but not long enough. Because by the time you save files to that drive, it will lessen the chance to get those lost files.

Why is that so?

Most of us use hard drives that are magnetic HD. In Magnetic Hard drives, when we delete certain files, that files still in there — its data is not erased from the disk — and don't necessarily mean it is completely gone. The only thing Magnetic HD does is to remove a pointer that points its data. These data can be also overwritten. That is why, when we save many files on that disk, it will overwrite and the we lose percent chance for recovery.

The sad part is that once it is overwritten, it is no longer restore and recover that lost data files.

Reasons of losing those files

  • Accidentally deleted
  • Reformat, Partition Loss
  • System Error/crash
  • Hardware crash
  • Software(Virus attack)
  • Power outages/Disasters
Okay there are ways to recover certain files:

1. Recycle Bin: One of the most common methods is to check missing files in the Recycle Bin.

When a user just deletes the files on the disk, Windows store these in the Recycle Bin for safety measure. However, if you happen to clean up that recycle bin then it is time to use a tool for recovery.

2. Backups: Check Your Backups

Regular backups really save a day with those important and critical data files. If we have backup files, when we need those deleted files, it is such a great help.

3. File Recovery Software: 

If you want to recover files without so much effort on it, you can use this file recovery tool, using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. Just download and install. 

There are far more recovery programs out there but I usually use and  recommend EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Software, its FREE to use, but you need to pay one for complete recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is one of those yet popular online data recovery tools that offer reliable solutions and restore deleted files from hard drive.

Quick Advisory: The sooner you begin the recovery job, the better recovery result you can achieve. Here is the detailed guide.

One thing I loved this software is its simplicity and straightforward, no need for cheesy GUI or additional menu/buttons sort of.

For simplicity, it will select first the type of files we want to recover, then select the source, then recover. :)


 Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro.

Here is the guide on How to recover deleted files in windows 7,8, even those of SD cards and Flash Disks"

This is my recovered file in one of my flash disks which happen to be reformatted and deleted. But before that, I will post the simple steps here.

1.  By selecting type of lost files or want to recover files, which include:
  • Graphics (most commonly: png, jpg, gif, BMP)
  • Audios (Common: Mp3, WMA)
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Other file types

2. Select the location you want to start to recover, in my case, I inserted my flash disk (Mabztech(G:))  and I wanted to recover those deleted files.

Take note:  my flash disk is empty. 15.59 GB Free of 15.59 GB :)

3. After choosing the location, you can now click Scan button

4. In the process of recovery, there is the result of it, in the left window pane contains Path, Type, And time (date of the file) which is easier to locate.

In the right side of it, when the software displays the result, you can actually preview it, but take note that file reaches beyond 100MB cannot preview (like of those movies).

This is so great when previewing photos and documents, such smaller size.

5. After getting the results, I clicked Recover button (located below right) to get those files, select where to put those files: Here I save it in E:\recover

6. Viola!

I played one of those deleted videos :)

If you are not ready for data of your critical files, create backups, if not, use the software above.

Final Thought

Deleted or missing files are still there and not necessarily gone, but those not always easy to recover.


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